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Child Safety Gates are available from many manufacturers. As one of the best and most versatile child safety gate manufacturers, Kidco Gate has been in business for many years. The great news is that buying online is a great way to increase your choice of products and to save money in the process.

Many online suppliers offer free delivery, and the products can be purchased at a lower price than local retail stores can offer.

On this website you will find some helpful information and reviews on Kidco baby gates which will make it easier for you to make a decision.

Best Kidco Baby Gates Reviews

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Kidco-Custom-Fit-Auto-Close-Hearth-Gate-G3111-Black Check Price
KidCo-Custom-Fit-Auto-Close-Configure-Gate-White Check Price
KidCo-Gateway-Pressure-Gate-37-Inch-White Check Price
Kidco-G1201-Extra-Tall-and-Wide-Auto-Close-Child-and-Pet-Pressure-Mount-Gate Check Price
KidCo-Angle-Mount-Safeway-Gate-G2100-White Check Price
KidCo-G2000-Safeway-Baby-Pet-Gate Check Price
KidCo-stairway-Gate-installation-kit Check Price

Kidco Custom Fit Auto Close Hearth Gate G3111 Black

Kidco Custom Fit Auto Close Hearth Gate G3111 Black

One of the reasons that make this playpen exceptional is its flexibility. Not in the sense that it can be bent in different ways or it can be stretched out, but it is very flexible in its applicability – it can be used for many other things.

Creating a small circular playpen for your tote or pet is one of its many forms. Its high walls will assure you of your pet or child’s Safety as they will not be able to escape once inside the pen. This is great if you need to go out of the room for a while or sit nearby reading or watching T.V. You do not have to worry and be disturbed in whatever you are doing if your baby crawls away.

This pen can also be used to keep a small pet at bay if you have to leave it in the house all day for work and school. You can leave a waste or litter box for it within the pen if you worry about your pet needing to poo or pee and, in this way, it will not be able to tear anything in the house or pee on your furniture and bed.

Making a 90° angle by placing it against one corner of the room is another way to utilize the Kidco Hearth Gate. This form allows you the most space if you want to sit in it with your little one. It can also be formed into a U shape to make the inside roomier than the circular form.

Lastly, you can use this gate to block any place in the house that you do not want your children to go to. The central purpose of this play pen’s creation is fireplace protection, which is why it was named Hearth Gate. You can put this up in front of your fireplace or on a set of steps to discourage your little ones from venturing into these places.

Kidco assures that the gate is very sturdy as it is hardware mounted. The metal used is tubular and quite strong, no need to worry over kids breaking through or getting hurt on its corners. The product’s finish is a non-toxic plastic attesting you of its Safety to your kid’s health and protecting the pen from rust and the usual tear and wear.

The ware includes a gate that swings in both directions, a very well-thought feature since it will save you from worrying about where to place it in relation to other things in your house.

Check and see what customers are saying about Kidco Hearth Gate. Most purchasers use it as playpens for their little ones; others use it as a fence for wood stoves and Christmas trees, while many people employ it to keep their babies off from the stairs.

KidCo Custom Fit Auto Close Configure Gate White

KidCo Custom Fit Auto Close Configure Gate White

One of the company’s best creations is the Custom Fit Kidco Configure Gate. It is very pleasant to the eyes, has multiple-use, flexible, expandable and easy to fit depending on your present needs.

The Custom Fit Kidco Configure Gate is a hardware mounted metal gate system. It can be put up on just anywhere around your home; just make sure that it is correctly installed so that it will remain compact and unyielding even if your kids and pets push on it.

The most common places you might want to put up these are the front of your stairs, wood stove, or fireplace. You will put this up to protect your little ones and put them off from one place where you do not want them to go.

For a fact, the Custom Fit Kidco Configure Gate is designed specifically for haphazard areas. One good thing about this gate system is that it can be put up in many different places and does not crucially need to be next to two very close walls.

Other gate systems are restricted to this specific kind of set-up to be put up, thus, limiting their use. Read these useful tips before buying Kidco configure gates.

This system’s opening panel is not difficult to use. It can be operated with the use of one hand, which is very favourable for someone who might be walking around with food, the child in the other hand or holding just about anything else.

This effortless system saves you more effort as you do not have to put down whatever you are holding, so you can use both of your hands.

This may seem trivial for a time, but it is quite a big deal when you have to get in and out of the gate throughout the day; you will surely feel tired of having to employ your two hands to open and close it.

One likeable feature of the gate is that it opens in any direction. You can unlock the gate and push it in front of you to open it no matter how you are working. This will relieve you from taking a few steps back if you need to open it in your direction.

KidCo Gateway Pressure Gate 37 Inch White

KidCo Gateway Pressure Gate 37 Inch White

According to Consumer Reports, this Kidco gate is the number one pressure mounted baby gate.

KidCo’s premiere Center Gateway pet gates or child gates are pressure mounted baby gates. They require minimal installation time, without tools or hardware, and leave no marks on walls or woodwork. This gate is also an excellent choice for temporary use, such as visiting Grandchildren or staying in vacation homes.

The Center Gateway is different from most metal baby safety gates available today since it does not permanently attach to walls or banisters.

This steel gate which is 29.5 inches tall, uses a pressure mounted mechanism to keep the gate firmly in one place. Therefore, it stays in one place against doorways and stairs. 

As it is not pressure mounted, it may not be as strong as hardware mounted baby gates. For this reason, they shouldn’t be used at the top of stairs.

Also read safety gates for stairs

It is very easy to remove the barrier and move it around your home if needed. You won’t need to drill holes into the woodwork or metal around your home while using the Center Gateway. 

The gate covers an area that is 29.25 to 37.5 inches wide. Use optional extension kits to make the gate 49 inches wide. It is 29.5 inches high. The gate has 2.5-inch-wide bars.

The U-shaped panel remains permanently fixed while the door in the center of the walk through baby gate opens in both directions. 

Kidco G1201 Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Child and Pet Pressure Mount Gate

Kidco G1201 Extra Tall and Wide Auto Close Child and Pet Pressure Mount Gate

KidCo tall pet gates are a full 42″ high. Which is about 6″ taller than the standard child safety gate. The tall pet gate is rated the #1 pressure mount pet gate system to keep jumping pets or climbing kids in safe areas.

KidCo’s premiere G1201 tall baby gate is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED pressure mounted pet gate. With no tools or hardware, this center gateway installs quickly without damaging walls or woodwork. This gate is also an excellent choice for temporary use, such as visiting Grandchildren or staying in vacation homes.

The U-shaped panel of the walk through baby gate remains permanently fixed, while the door in its center opens in both directions.

The basic KidCo G1201 tall pet gate fits openings 29¼” to 37½” wide. The tubular steel construction makes it suitable for both children and pets. Available only in White. The size between bars for this gate is 2 ¼ inches.

KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate G2100 White

KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate G2100 White

Angle mount Safeway gates rank among the top stair gates in the industry, according to leading consumer organizations.

As the gate has Angle-Mount hardware, it can easily be installed in any direction on angled spindles or walls. This feature makes this gate extremely useful.

Angle-Mount Safeway gates are the most adaptable to the tops or bottoms of stairs and doorways. A quick release of the mounting hardware is also available if needed. This safety gate also comes with hinges that are adjustable to fit any railing or angled wall, offering a flexible mounting solution.

 Features include:

  • Using one hand, adults can navigate the gate.
  • Hardware system with Angle-Mount installation.
  • Easy gate removal with quick release hardware.
  • Constructed of durable steel.

Among its best features is the 31-inch high design, which is ideal for children and pets. It is only available in white. Designed to fit openings 28″ to 42.5″.

KidCo G2000 Safeway Baby Pet Gate

KidCo G2000 Safeway Baby Pet Gate

A top of stairs baby gate is a must-have for anyone who has little children. There are quite a few companies that build safety gates, with KidCo, the makers of the KidCo Configure Gate, being one of the market leaders.

One thing that makes the Kidco Safeway Gate better than similar competitive products is its rock-solid stability. The gate is easy to install thanks to the included wall-mounted hardware, which is a crucial component that makes the whole construction so stable and easily adjustable. The hardware also includes a unique feature that means the gate cannot swing out over the stairwell.

 A nice thing about this baby safety gate is its versatility – it can be mounted both at the top and bottom of the stairs, as well as in doorways. According to the producer, it is also possible to mount the hinges on most angled walls and railings. You can quickly remove the gate from its mounting, if necessary. For complicated installations, the KidCo Safety Gate Installation Kit is available for purchase.

KidCo Safeway Gates are constructed from tubular steel with an environmentally-friendly non-toxic coating. It is 30,5 inches tall and can be used with openings that are 24,75″ to 43,5″ wide. If you need it to be wider, you can purchase an extension that will make it suitable for openings from 43,5″ to 66″. The gate can be opened with one hand by an adult, but a little child will not do it. The entrance is perfect for 6-24 months old kids as well as pets.

KidCo stairway Gate installation kit

KidCo K12 Stairway Gate Installation Kit

The installation kit allows your kidco gate to be installed in a variety of situations around the home. You will need one of these kits if your gate is not mounted into a wooden doorframe. 

A 33-inch piece of pinewood is included, as well as a pinewood spacer to install on walls with moulding at the base. The kit also includes all the screws, nuts, washers, and toggle bolts needed for installation. You’ll need a couple of these kits, which retail for around $32 each, if you want to install your kidco gate between wrought iron banisters.

It is necessary to have a Kidco Gate in your home if you have toddlers. One cannot always keep their eyes on the young all the time. Household chores, telephone calls, a visitor at the door can all provide distractions. With Kidco Gates, you can relax a little more, knowing your child is safe.

Why Kidco Gates are so popular?

KidCo has always made superior quality metal safety gates that meet or exceed all safety standards, have award-wining design features and have a strong warranty.

Commitment to Quality

KidCo was the first manufacturer to introduce metal safety gates to the U.S. market 15 years ago. They utilize precision engineering, top quality materials, and automated manufacturing processes to guarantee the highest quality possible for their safety gates.

Award Winning Designs

KidCo has been recognized many times by third party awards programs for its innovative and unique product designs. They have won awards from Consumer’s Digest, JPMA, APPMA, Earnshaw’s and others.

Meet All Safety Standards

KidCo safety gates surpass all U.S. federal safety standards and any applicable voluntary safety standards from the ASTM and the JPMA.


KidCo safety gates have a one-year warranty against defects. KidCo will repair or replace any parts that are defective during that period. See for warranty details and restrictions.

We hope you found this information useful. Please revisit us; we are constantly adding up to date information to make your Kidco Gate purchase a satisfying experience. 

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