How to Mount Baby Gate On Banister?

We were relatively relaxed in the six months following the birth of our child, at least about chasing him The majority of the time, the place where we last left our son is not a cause for concern. I think that nature was probably taking care of us because we barely slept, so she remained immobile as a way to say, “Hey, I know you’re tired, so I will keep her immobile for a little while, okay?”

I was so glad to see him turn over for the first time! He was finally doing something besides lie there and do nothing. Afterwards, he crawled slowly for several inches and then ran for several feet, getting to the point where he could cross the room at an ever-increasing pace.

The minute he sat on the floor, he climbed up the stairs, but when he finally brought himself out of bed, he climbed the stairs, unsure of how to reach the second floor. When we discovered that we needed baby gates to create a perimeter around the house, we started building them.

Safety 1st Perfect Fit baby gates were kindly donated to us by a former co-worker who had outgrown that phase of “I’ll throw myself down the stairs when you turn around.” 

There is no shortage of applications for these gates where there is a flat surface on both sides of the gate. Additionally, it can accommodate slightly uneven surfaces, such as base mouldings.

On the deck, we installed them to block off a gaping hole in the railing so that no one could escape.

There was a restriction on exits in the basement. It seems that there is an issue with the baby gates on the stairs inside the house, and we still need something permanently installed there.

Banister Kit

Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit

A banister kit came with the baby gate we bought. In our experience, this model has been working great for several years, so we recommend it without reservation).

You may use the gate if you have a handrail on one side and a wall on the other, as illustrated in the following image. The top of the stairs is, however, equipped with two banisters. The only option left for me is to drill through one of the banisters to install the gate, but this is less than ideal I would be able to save money by purchasing the installation kit for stairway gates, which would solve my problem… That’s a tremendous amount of money!

I underestimated how much this would cost. When I was cleaning out my garage, I found two 2x4s suitable for drilling for gates, but how do you mount them without drilling? Zip ties, of course. Several different pieces of equipment are frequently required when working on a car, so I always keep several on hand. If you try to remove bumpers, trim pieces and trim pieces using plastic clips, they will often break.

Therefore, you can use zip ties to secure things back in place since they are easier to work with and have a stronger hold.

When a baby gate needs to hang above a 12-foot drop, it makes sense to use strong zip ties rather than flimsy ones. We are talking about heavy-duty ones weighing 175 lbs. each.

I was reassured in my decision to use zip ties with the Summer gate because the banister kit includes two brackets attached to the round banister using zip ties. 

 I replaced the ones provided with the kit with the industrial ones I already own because I found that I could tighten the ones I already had much better than those supplied with the kit.

Using the leftover 2×4, I removed the carpet from the stairs and refinished them; I stained the banister with Golden Oak stain, and it came to the same height as the 2×4. It is optional to complete this step, but it makes the 24 blends a bit better when it’s done.

To secure the 24 to the banister, I used three zip ties. In other words, if you hold the banister and shake the 24 simultaneously, none should move, and there should be no play.

Having installed the gate hardware, I was now ready for installation.

You can see the final results – a childproof gate securely installed without causing any damage to the railings – in the picture below. If your gate doesn’t come with a banister kit, you can use this method to install it. This would be logical since I would drill into the wall studs for the gate and add another 24″ with zip ties to the right side. The cost savings will certainly be worthwhile if you don’t have to spend a lot on expensive banister kits.

With the above method, we can still use the Safety 1st gate at the bottom of the stairs after installing a 24. We can easily put a gate in place at the bottom, as there is nothing permanent there. Summer gates at the top have a special lock that no baby can pick, which is much more secure than this. They also have a special latch. The bottom gate won’t work for us because if our son got through, he would become noisy, and we will have time to rush up the stairs to catch him.

For more than a year, we have used this simple and cost-effective method with great success. If you need to install a baby gate yourself but are concerned about drilling the banister, this post may be helpful.

Michael Lima

Michael lima is graduate architect from the university of California. He assists homeowners to improve their homes through his blogs.