How To Keep Cat From Jumping Over Gate

How to keep cats from jumping over the gate? Well, there are two solutions for restricting your cat to one place. Buy two extra tall baby gates and stack one baby gate on another. Secondly, use an accordion style door or hardware sunscreen that cats can’t easily get through it.

Almost any kitten or cat, if they are healthy, can jump and climb almost all baby gates of any height. Many types of cats cannot jump over baby gates because of special physical limitations, such as obesity, arthritis, certain chronic illnesses, lambesses, etc.

Before buying baby gates for cats, keep in mind that a cat can jump 5 feet high, equal to 60 inches. So the height of stacked baby gates should be a minimum of 6 feet to keep the cat from jumping over baby gates.

But if you want a long-term solution, then put an accordion style door to block doorways.

Best baby gates to keep cats from jumping over.

Regalo 2-in-1 Extra Tall Enough To Keep Cat From Jump over Gate

Regalo 2-in-1 Extra Tall Enough To Keep Cat From Jump over Gate

If you want to stop your cats from jumping over baby gates, then the Regalo 2 in 1 baby gate is the best choice. Because it is 41 inches tall. As mentioned above, a cat can jump approximately 5 feet high (60 inches). And also, I said stack two baby gates over each other.

Now, if you stack these two baby gates, the total height would become 82 inches (6.833 feet) more than 60 inches (5 feet). Then your cat won’t be able to jump over the baby gate, and you will be tension free. Also, it extends to fit openings from 29 to 36 inches wide.

This product is made of high-quality materials and is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and the American Society for Testing Materials.

Some cats and dogs love to chew things. This gate is strong and chew proof. Your cat and dog will try to chew. But it will not affect the gate because it is metallic.

Bars are 2.5 inches apart. One problem with this gate is that tiny little cats and kittens can squeeze through the bars; for that, you will need additional hardware or cover them with PVC material. Also, it depends upon the size of a cat. If a cat is fat and healthy, it would be difficult for her to slip through the bars.

This baby gate works great as a pet gate and is much cheaper than a pet gate. With this tall baby gate, your cat and dogs will not be able to jump over it.


Great, cheap and tall baby gate for cats. Don’t buy 2 at once buy one and check your cat whether she is jumping over the gate or not. If the cat climbs over the gate, buy another one and stack it. And for bars you will have to cover them with duck tapes or use another thin spindle.

  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • Tall
  • Open bars you will have to cover them with duck tape or with extra spindles.

Vinyl Accordion Style Door For Baby, Cats and Dogs

Vinyl Accordion Style Door For Baby, Cats and Dogs

With the Vinyl Accordion Door, you can fit openings that range in width from 24 inches to 36 inches and 76 tall. It comes with tracks, hardware, and simple installation instructions.

This beautiful and durable vinyl panel comes with flexible vinyl hinges that will last for many years. If your door is shorter than 76 inches, you can trim it to a certain height with a jigsaw.

It has a magnetic lock to keep cats away from certain and dangerous places. But some customers stated that this lock was not strong, and they had to buy another magnetic lock for this accordion door. Bigger cats could push the door open instead of crawling through underneath it.

The length should be cut correctly if you do so. Your cat should not be able to go under. However, you might need a better latch or magnet. It might be possible for your cat to push his head through or pull the door open. The door is a good idea and the best alternative to a baby gate if the lock is strong.


This accordion style door is best for limiting the movement of your cats’ babies and dogs in the house and keeping them away from dangerous places. Although the magnetic lock is not very strong, it can be replaced with a strong magnet.

  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Sturdy
  • Alternative to baby gates.
  • Poor magnetic lock you will have to buy another.

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