How to baby Babyproof your house

When expectant parents look around the home to see what changes need to be made for the baby’s safety, it can become overwhelming. A person can get lost in the endless list of must-have items when researching the internet for babyproofing products.

It’s best to babyproof your home long before it’s time for your newborn to arrive. It is recommended that you start baby proofing at least three months before your expected delivery date since some baby proofing tasks may take time. How to babyproof your house is demonstrated in the following article.

We will give you many tips and recommendations, along with a list of products you should use to ensure your newborn is protected from injury.

Baby proofing tips and recommendations for parents

Water heater

An analysis conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission suggests that the vast majority of tap-water scalds occur to elderly people or small children under five. Children in the bathroom should always be supervised by their parents because leaving them alone could result in some serious injury. So the suggestion is that set hot heater water to less than 120 degrees.

Baby Cribs height

An annual average of 36 deaths has been linked to cribs and crib mattresses since 2011, according to a study by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. And estimated injuries from cribs and crib mattresses amounted to 12,100 incidents in 2015 alone. These figures are stunning.

So the suggestion is that when a baby can pull himself up, you can put a crib on the highest setting. However, after the baby can pull himself up, it needs to be on the lowest setting. Otherwise, he might pull himself and launch himself out of there. The use of crib bumpers is not recommended. It is even advised against placing breathable crib bumpers in a child’s crib since they can come off and become tangled.

Electricity cautions

It has been reported that, on average, 11 kids aged 1 to 19 died every year from electrocutions. Perhaps the 15-month-old baby begins to put things in things around the same age range because they find it fascinating to do so, and they end up putting things in electrical sockets.

We recommend that parents cover their electrical outlet covers so that their tiny fingers cannot take them off.

Small Objects

It is helpful to have a tester for determining what small items must be kept out of reach of the baby by parents and older siblings. A used toilet paper tube would be one example. If something can fit in a tube-like this, it’s a choking hazard and shouldn’t be near the baby. So pay attention to the small items. If you have older kids, you may want to be especially cautious about toys and small equipment, such as Legos. Keep that stuff in their bedroom.

Baby gates

Parents need to take precautions regarding stairways, e.g., installing safety gates at the tops or closing stairwell exit doors. During the six-month period prior to delivery, the time has come to start preparing these things. It is not necessary when they’re newborns to have the gates out, but the minute they are able to walk and roll, you need to have the gates out.

Playground for babies

You should make sure that your baby has plenty of space to play. To build a play area for your baby, you can use a range of products.

  • Toddleroo by North States Superyard Colorplay 8 Panel Baby Play Yard
  • Evenflo Versatile Play Space
  • Baby Playpen Kids Activity Centre Safety Play Yard

And many more products you can buy from amazon.

The reasoning behind this is that parents should make sure that the child is safe and secure while they are busy, for example, in the kitchen or elsewhere.

Secure windows

Even though the amount of window falls has decreased by 50% over the last 15 years, parents should still make sure their windows will not open more than four inches.

Table Cloths

There is a real problem with tablecloths. Children tend to pull them off (or to try and pull themselves up), and that can send items flying.


A bathroom is a huge place where injuries can occur. Small amounts of water can cause children to drown. Children can be attracted to dangerous household products, such as harmful cleaners, by playing in the toilet or opening bathroom cabinets.

In America, over one hundred children drown every year in their homes, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. This means that bathroom doors and toilet lids should always be locked with child-proof locks.

Heavy objects

Around six months of age, babies begin to move, roll and play more frequently. It’s typically at this time when parents are urged to get down on the floor with their babies.

You can learn how it works by lying on the floor and seeing it from their perspective. Suddenly, you realize, maybe that cabinet with all those heavy objects on it should be moved — or the cabinet should be secured.

The baby will normally pull up on furniture by the time they are nine months old, so its mothers and fathers have to anchor furniture to walls and remove heavy items from furniture surfaces like televisions and lamps.

One child dies after a television falls on them, and almost every 45 minutes, a child receives treatment at an emergency room from an injury caused by a tipping television over the past ten years.

Even for the best of us, things happen in a single split-second — no matter how careful we are.

Window-covering cord caution

Windows covering cord is very dangerous for children. Some kids just can’t help themselves from putting things around their neck regardless of the warnings they get. Keeping Venetian blind cords away from children should be a priority for parents.

Laundry out of reach

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) statistics from 2015 indicate 84,000 poisoning cases in hospitals. Among the five most common products causing poisoning, laundry pods were one of the leading five. It was a shocking fact for those parents.

If the baby begins climbing, it’s recommended to lock the cabinets and keep items in high places. If the baby starts climbing, higher shelves aren’t as effective, so it’s best to lock them.

The recommended way to store medications in purses is not recommended due to the possibility that children will mistake them for candy.

To prevent injuries, parents need to monitor their children. Get down on their level and spot things that they might potentially explore. It takes just a moment. You cannot watch them constantly. Use common sense to prevent injury.

Sharp corners at home

We recommend that parents get down on the floor to see their home differently, which enables them to better spot the things that will be appealing to their children. A few corners may appear dangerous, so use corner guards to protect children’s heads and bodies.

Baby proofing products

Your home likely contains a number of personal safety hazards, including medicines, household products such as mouthwash and nail polish remover, beads, buttons, oven knobs, and several heavy pieces of furniture that have the potential to fall over. You need some kinds of babyproofing products for your baby. As you can see in the tips and recommendations section, there are some products related to the tips and recommendations.

You can purchase baby proofing kits to deal with the most common threats around the house. Making your kit is also possible using these items:

Dreambaby 46 Piece Home Safety Kit

Dreambaby46 Piece Home Safety Kit

You’ll find all you need for child-proofing your home in the Dreambaby 46-piece Kit. This kit includes:

  • 10 safety catches.
  • 30 outlet plug covers
  • There are two sliding locks.
  • A pair of multipurpose latches
  • There are two door knob covers.

A lot of durable pieces are included in this kit to protect your baby, and the directions are quite clear in the manual.

Toddleroo by North States Childproofing Deluxe Kit

Toddleroo by North States Childproofing Deluxe Kit

Baby showers, housewarming parties, and other special occasions make it perfect.

This baby proofing kit contains:

  • four door knob covers,
  • four sliding cabinet locks,
  • sliding cabinet locks (4),
  • Four gel corner protectors, as well as 18 drawers
  • and cabinet tab latches.

Installation is straightforward, and safety can be assured and made from non-toxic materials. The protected areas will be easily accessed by adults, but curious toddlers will not have easy access. Children love to explore every nook and cranny around the house. With this 65 pieces child-proofing deluxe set, you can be sure to offer a safe environment for your kids.

Safety 1st Plug Protectors

Safety 1st Plug Protectors

Designed with the most innovative designs and manufacturing processes, these babyproofing Plug Protectors are of the highest quality, tested for safety and durability. Using these Plug Protectors from Safety 1st, you can safeguard unused outlets at home from sharp objects or fingers. With 36 pieces, you can cover multiple rooms in your home.

  • This plug protects electrical outlets from sharp objects and fingers.
  • Removable and reusable
  • 36 pieces

KidCo G2000 Safeway Baby Pet Gate – baby proofing from stairs

KidCo G2000 Safeway Baby Pet Gate - baby proofing from stairs

This babyproofing safety baby gate is specifically designed for use on top of stairs. Being hardware mounted, there are no thresholds to trip over at the bottom, unlike pressure mounted gates. They have proven to be a parent and baby proofer favorite for over 20 years. This babyproofing baby gate has quick-release hardware for convenient removal when it’s not needed. An angle-adjustable hinge allows the gate to open from either side. The construction is made from metal.

Safety 1st outlet Cover/Cord

Safety 1st outlet Cover/Cord

This baby proofing outlet cover covers outlets in use and holds excess phone cords in place. It has a dual press and releases design. It is a great choice for standard-size phone charging cords. Get this 4-pack of Safety 1st Outlet Covers with Cord Shorteners to make your home a safer place for your child to play and explore. With this outlet plug cover, curious little fingers can stay away from potentially hazardous electrical outlets. This cover easily covers the entire outlet, saving up to 4 feet (depending on the thickness of the cords) of cords from falling on the floor. It is easy to operate the child-resistant dual-press mechanism in removing and replacing the outer cover by just pressing the two side tabs simultaneously while pulling the outer cover away. It works just as well for lamps, televisions, computers, and standard-size phone chargers because the cover protects cables from being seen. The kit includes a flat-head screwdriver and a replacement wall plate. Ensure the cover is air-dried after wiping it down with a damp cloth.

Concluding remarks

We wrote this article so you would have all the information on baby proofing you need. Many things which are not even thought that are must be here. When researching this subject, we also discovered many unknowns regarding child safety and baby safety. Hopefully, you found some useful information. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the next article; we aim to answer them. I hope you have a safe delivery.

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