A childproofing process, also called baby proofing, ensures that an object or area is safe for children. As a result, almost any household incident can be prevented, from burns to bumps and bruises, falling furniture, cleaning products, and even injuries to children. 

A curious, wandering toddler can be injured by many parts of your home, including furniture and objects. It is essential to make these items risk-free for children. Furthermore, it takes time to childproof a home. Be sure that all the preparations are done before things become hectic after the baby arrives. When your baby begins to crawl at around six to ten months of age, it’s important to take extra precautions.

According to a recently published report online, nearly one million children with injuries come to hospitals every year after suffering an accident at home. As a parent, you are responsible for ensuring your child’s health, clothing, food, and cleanliness. In order to do so, you must make sure that your toddler is safe at all times. The importance of safety should never be overlooked. This article will give a general idea of costs related to baby proofing a house.

Below is a basic list of cost estimates for baby proof of a house:

Cost of baby gates

The use of safety gates will protect your baby from wandering into areas that do not have baby safety measures. Gates cost between $25 and $130, depending on their style, height, and material. It is necessary to have stair gates on stairways. In addition, they are also helpful for hallways and doorways leading into bedrooms and bathrooms. I have reviewed some best baby gates for stairs with spindles and also gates for wood stove, you can read them. Moreover you can use these baby gates alternatives

Cost of prevention from dangerous chemicals and tools

Locks and latches that prevent babies from accessing dangerous chemicals and tools will literally save lives. A typical price range for these products is $3 to $15.

Cost of electricity-related preventions

You should protect your baby’s tiny fingers from electric shock by using power strip covers, cord covers, outlet covers, etc. In general, you can expect to pay around $2 to $10 for them.

Cost of straps

Heavy furniture and television straps can prevent your child from being injured by falling objects. Their cost ranges from $5 to $25.

Cost of cord wraps

These cord wraps prevent children from choking on dangling cords, and they cost about $3 to $5 a pair.

Cost of a professional for better appraisal

If you would like an estimate of baby proofing costs, a professional baby-proofer can visit your home for an assessment of your safety needs. Depending on where you live, the cost of their services may range from $30 to $150 for a consultation and more for the installation.

A general idea of all costs

It typically costs between $500 and $2,000 to childproof a home. It is normally around $1,500 per house to childproof the house. Babyproofing includes gates, locks, furniture anchors, anti-scald protection, and window and door guards. At the low end of the spectrum, gates, locks, and outlet covers for the home will cost you $250. In addition to gates, locks, furniture anchors, alarms, electrical and anti-scald protection, window and door protection, pool fencing, pool covers, pool alarms, and video monitoring, expenditures may be up to $10,000 on childproofing.


A good baby-proofing strategy targets areas that will endanger a crawling toddler. There are many baby proofing techniques, including using latches and locks on cabinet and drawer doors, edge cushions, furniture and television straps, and many others. You can always consult a professional baby proofing service if you are uncertain about the areas that need to be baby proofed.

Michael Lima

Michael lima is graduate architect from the university of California. He assists homeowners to improve their homes through his blogs.