Best Wooden Baby Gates For Stairs With Spindles & Bannisters

Are you looking for wooden baby gates for stairs with round or square spindles on either side of the stairs? And you may be a bit anxious to know the quality of wooden baby gates you can have on the market compared to the metal baby gates.

Well, choosing the material of a gate doesn’t affect its safety. Wooden safety gates are as safe as metal safety gates. Choosing materials for stairs is mainly a matter of personal taste influenced by various stair styles and types.

It is unavoidable that some babies will bruise, but you can avoid any major accidents if you use a particular safety gate for stairs with spindles on one or both sides according to your needs. It is, fortunately, possible to prevent accidents using a safety gate at the top and the bottom of the stairs to make it impossible for your child to access the staircase.

A wooden stair gate may be right for you if your house has a particular decor style and you would like the stair gate to match the stair’s style and material. Wooden baby gates for stairs can be installed with pressure or hardware.

The bottom of the stairs should always be secured with a pressure-mounted baby gate, and the top of the stairs should be secured with a hardware-mounted gate. However, many pressure-mounted baby gates are suitable for tops of stairs with spindles or banisters.

The types of stairs and homes differ. Thus, many options are available on the Amazon market for baby safety gates for both the top and bottom of the stairs with spindles on one or both sides.

The article below gives you a list of stair gates with round or square spindles or banisters at the top and bottom.  If you’re having trouble deciding on a baby gate, you should read this post and try to assess your needs, and choose a wooden gate that suits your baby.

Best Wooden Baby Gates For Stairs With Spindles

Baby GateImageBuy
Summer-Infant-Deluxe-Stairway-Simple-to-Secure-Wooden-baby-Gate Check Price
Evenflo,-Top-of-Stairs,-Extra-Tall-Gate,-Tan-Wooden-Baby-Gate Check Price
Munchkin-Auto-Close-Modern-Pressure-Mounted-Baby-Gate-for-Stairs Check Price
Summer-Banister-and-Stair-Gate-with-Dual-Installation-Kit Check Price
Summer-Banister-to-Banister-Universal-Gate-Mounting-Kit Check Price

Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wooden baby Gate

Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wooden baby Gate

Wooden Summer Deluxe Stairway Gate for Baby has a golden cherry finish. The baby gate can be used at the top or bottom of staircases, hallways, and doorways. A 32″ tall baby gate will fit openings from 30″ to 48″. Just measure your stairway height to determine which height will work the best, then buy any baby gate. It would help if you took the same height as the stairway height.

It has a unique comfort grip handle for easy one-handed release, which adds excellent value to this wooden baby gate.

This gate’s removable swing stop system prevents it from swinging over stairs, making it distinctly different from other wooden gates.

A great thing about this wooden baby gate is that you can use it for toddlers and small pets to prevent them from falling downstairs. The high-quality Summer wooden baby gate allows you to feel safe knowing your baby or pet can explore without harm.

The safety gate surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge, or you can use mild soap and warm water to clean it appropriately. Then you can towel it off.

A kit included with this wooden gate makes it easy to install in hallways, doorways, and stairways. Using the Precision Fit Template, you can ensure a correct and easy installation. Hardware mounting requires tools, but measuring is not necessary during installation.

A flat surface is necessary for this wooden baby gate to be installed on spindles or banisters. Consequently, you could have required an installation kit on newel posts, banisters, and spindles without flat surfaces. 

My Opinion:

This wooden baby gate is one of the most selling baby gates for stairs with spindles or banisters. So, you can trust the product.

The thing I’m a concerning about is anchors that are made of plastic that you could have to buy separately if you want more safety. Other than this, there is no problem with this wooden safety gate for stairs with spindles.

  • It’s the ideal gate for the top of the stairs.
  • The door stopper provides excellent resistance to the door moving the opposite way (over the stairs).
  • The hook latch latches fully. It’s very strong and secure.
  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • This kit includes plastic anchors.

Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Extra Tall Gate, Tan Wooden Baby Gate

Evenflo Top of Stairs Extra Tall Gate Tan Wooden Baby Gate

Evenflo’s extra tall wooden baby gate for stairs with spindles or banisters is made of a tan wood finish that complements a wide range of decors. It can be fitted into any opening between 30 and 48 inches. It would be best to take measurements first; after that, you should purchase this gate for stairs.

The feature I admire about this gate is that it can swing in either direction. The swing control setting determines where the swing will swing.

With a one-handed latch operation, you can easily use it, but it is not easy to operate for your crawling baby toddlers. Even some parents are not happy with the rigid lock mechanism.

This wooden gate for stairs with spindles on one or both sides of stairs comes with a great feature. Now you will know for sure whether it is locked or unlocked with the red and green lock indicator on this gate: Red means the gate is locked and secure; green indicates the gate is open.

There are no floor bars, so you can walk through easily without tripping, making it ideal for everyday busy passing.

This gate can easily install the flat surface on the rounded and squared spindles. But if there is no flat surface on the spindles, you have to put an installation kit that will allow you to install the wooden baby gate as well as there is no need of drilling holes into the banisters.

My Opinion:

Featuring a four-point mount and door swing control (you can set it to swing in both directions or one way), this hardware-mounted wooden baby gate for stairs from Evenflo is ideal for use on top of stairs that have spindles or banisters on the top or bottom of the stairs. Within budge, With the indicators, expandable height up to four feet, easy installation, and no-floor bar, this is an excellent baby gate for stairs. As a result, you’ll get the protection you need.

  • It is made out of natural wood with metal fittings.
  • The recommended seller offers excellent quality and fast shipping.
  • A simple, affordable wooden gate.
  • The lock indicators are value-added for this wooden gate for stairs.
  • The lock and unlock handle is rigid and difficult to bend, making it hard to open and close.

Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs

munchkin auto close modern pressure mounted baby gate for stairs

The Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs is made of dark wood and silver metal, attracting many customers. Suppose you have metal stairs and the floor color is brown then, for this particular style, this baby gate for stairs is perfect. Other than this décor, it’s totally up to your choice.

The wooden baby gate is 29.5″ tall and measures 29.5″- 40.5″ wide. There are two more extensions for you if your opening exceeds 40.5 inches (up to 54″ if you purchase additional extensions). Before purchasing, take the necessary measurements for a proper fit.

For added safety, this gate has a hardware mounting kit so that you can install this baby gate as a hardware gate. For children 6 to 24 months, this is a great baby gate for doorways and stairs.

It is easy to open the gate with one hand by pulling and lifting the handle. Lock the gate by pushing it closed. The automatic self-closing hinge operates with gravity to close the door automatically. Additionally, wood doors are quieter than metal gates, and the 21.5″ wide walkthrough makes access easier.

Although the door can swing both ways with the dual-locking mechanism, there is also an option to open the door only in one direction. It’s a plus point.

My Opinion:

In the end, again, I would say that you need a flat surface. In the case of pressure-mounted baby gates, it is more emphasized. Installation kits will help you install this baby gate for stairs with rounded or squared spindles. This baby gate will provide value for money, but I recommend that you should install this gate at the bottom of the stairs.  

  • The extra extension is provided (not free)
  • Sturdy, good-looking, and well-designed baby gate for stairs
  • Value for money
  • Great gate for pets too
  • There is a need for a better instruction manual.

Summer Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit

summer banister and stair wooden baby gate with dual installation kit

The summer banister and stair gate is the second baby gate for stairs with spindles or banisters on my list. I added this gate to this list because of the dual installation kit. The gate is made of sturdy wood with a honey oak finish. The top of the stairs summer baby gate is 33″ tall and accommodates stairways and doorways openings up 32″ to 48″ wide.

An installation kit for square banisters for both sides of stairs up to 3.5″ wide is included in the gate price, it’s valuable. Due to its dual installation kit, this wooden baby gate can be installed banister-to-banister on a single spindle at the top or bottom of stairs and in doorways. There is no need to drill in square banisters or spindles.

With the quick-release mechanism, you can take it apart and put it back together, so this baby gate can be used exactly when you need it.

The super-durable banister and stair baby gate with a dual installation kit from Summer provides peace of mind to parents who want their babies and pets to explore safely.

I like the color, and the material is solid. However, there will be no fit if you have spindles or banisters that do not start on the floor or have railings coming off of them. It would not be possible to install it on the square portions of the banisters.

My Opinion:

For squared banisters or spindles on either side of the stairs, this baby gate is valuable. But for the rounded banisters or spindles. I suggest you buy this gate for squared spindles and otherwise don’t buy. The reason is the price, with this $89, if your work is not done yet, you can consider other products. Quality-wise, this wooden baby gate for stairs with squared spindles on either side is perfect.

  • Best for the squared banister to banister installation
  • Best for the top of the stairs with squared spindles on one or both sides, as well as for the bottom of the stairways
  • There is no tripping hazard
  • Good quality wood but hard to open this wooden gate
  • Many customers are talking about bad customer service

Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit

summer banister to banister universal gate mounting kit

The summer banister to banister gate mounting kit features wood construction that integrates round and square shape banisters or spindles. The design fits into any decor seamlessly. It works with all hardware and pressures mount baby gates for stairs with spindles up to 37″ tall.

It can be mounted at the top or bottom of stairs with spindles and on walls and banisters without drilling into wood banisters. You can also use this installation kit between doorways and other openings without the need for drilling. 

The Summer’s baby gate mounting kit includes two posts for installation, six brackets for square and round banisters, four security straps, and 12 wood screws (for optional use).

You can be sure that your baby or pet can explore safely with this universal gate mounting kit, which can be used with most of Summer’s baby gates and other baby gates too.

According to my research, very few installation kits can accommodate two banisters or spindles that are not parallel. This wooden installation kit is one of them.

My Opinion:

This item can be hit or miss depending on what type of banister(s) you have. In cases where the tie will be tied on a square banister or spindle, ensure that its width is no greater than 3.5 inches. The zip tie fits almost a 4-inch spindle, but installing it could be difficult because it is short.

This is something you should keep in mind. This installation kit is satisfactory for both types of spindles or banisters. On the squared banister, no drilling is necessary, and on the rounded spindle, you can drill for extra security.

  • Perfect for non-parallel banisters and rounded or squared spindles
  • Worked great for top and bottom of stairs with spindles
  • Easy to install, sturdy, and looks good.
  • With rounded spindles, this wooden kit’s tie can slip, rotate, and eventually fail over time

Final Verdict

Wooden baby gates have their importance. I tried to combine those wooden baby gates that are relatively easy to install on any spindle or banister. If there is any problem, then kits come into work. It’s not a paid article for Summer, but people’s confidence shows and my research says that you would be happy after buying summer installation kits or wooden baby gates for squared or rounded spindles. Other than Summer, Munchkin and Evenflo are also valuable baby gate brands, and you would be delighted after using these brands.

And I would be delighted if you asked any question in the comment section below, and I’ll give you an answer to that question. So, ask about your need and get your answer.

Buy wooden gates for stairs with spindles and save your little adventures!

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