Best Baby Gates For Top of Stairs

Baby gates for the top of stairs that are secure, sturdy and durable are difficult to find, because the top of the stairs is a very dangerous place in any house. The slightest slip can cause your child to fall down the stairs and your baby could be seriously injured. That’s why finding a perfect gate is a very tough task.

This article will solve all of your problems that you are facing in selecting a baby gate for the top of stairs. For example,

Some stairs have a flat surface on both sides and some have banisters, spindles and newel posts on one or both sides. On flat surfaces fixing a baby gate is very simple. But for round banisters or spindles you will need installation kits.

To ensure the safety of children at the top of stairs, always use hardware mounted baby gates. Pressure mounted can also be used but they are risky. They are not safe and secure as compared to hardware mounted baby gates.

Luckily, some best baby gates for top of stairs are available on Amazon and We have selected these gates based on the customers’ reviews given to sellers on Amazon and compared their Pros and Cons. Our chosen products almost fit into every type of staircase.

Depending upon the type of surfaces on which it is being installed, we have classified it into two different types. 

  1. Baby gates for top of stairs with walls or flat surfaces on both sides.
  2. Baby gates for the top of stairs with banisters or spindles on one or both sides.

And they are reviewed below.

7 Best Baby Gates For Top of Stairs

Baby GatesImagesBuy on Amazon
Cardinal-Gates-Stairway-Angle-Baby-Gate Check Price
Toddleroo-by-North-States-47.85″-Wide-Easy-Swing-&-Lock-Baby-Gate Check Price
KidCo-G2000-Safeway-Baby-Pet-Gate Check Price
Safety-1st-Ready-to-Install-Baby-Gate Check Price
Munchkin-Extending-XL-Tall-and-Wide-Baby-Gate Check Price
Munchkin-Push-to-Close-Baby-Gate Check Price
Evenflo-Secure-Step-Gate Check Price
KidCo-K12-Stairway-Gate-Installation-Kit Check Price
Summer-Banister-to-Banister-Universal-Gate-Mounting-Kit Check Price

Type#1 Baby gates for top of stairs with walls or flat surfaces on both sides.

Stairs with flat surface configurations on both sides are very common.

Gates for this type of configuration are hardware mounted, are discussed above and one thing more which makes these gates special is that these gates open in one direction and don’t swing on both sides.

In some houses, flat surfaces are at an angle to each other, and these gates can be easily installed on these angled surfaces. This is the best feature that we have seen in these types of gates.

Thanks for your patience that you are on our site and still reading. Below are the best gates for the top of a stair with a flat or smooth surface.

Cardinal Angle Mounted Baby Gates For Top Of Stairs

cardinal angle mounted baby gates for top of stairs

This lightweight cardinal baby gate is specially designed for the top of stairs made of aluminum. Aluminum makes it lighter than steel and rustproof. Powdered coating finishing remains for a long time, and it can be cleaned easily.

Available in white and black colors. And they are the most selling colors on the Amazon US marketplace.

This great gate for the top of stairs can be easily installed on flat surfaces and on surfaces that are inclined to each other. It can be installed up to an angle of 30 degrees. 

This stair-mounted baby gate width varies from 27-42.5 inches, and the height is fixed, which is 29.5″. The distance between the bars is 2.5 inches. Cardinal gates have optional stop brackets which prevent their opening over the stairway.

For custom openings, different extensions are available which can extend gate width up to 64 inches.

Now writing on the gate’s one-handed latching system. One customer dropped a review of 5 stars pointing towards the latching mechanism. He said:

“It requires fine skill to open it. My child tries to open it all the time but does not succeed in opening the latching system. It’s so confusing that even adults can’t open it. Each time I have to tell my guests how to turn it on.”

Gate’s door doesn’t close automatically. You have to close it manually. For that, just lift the door slightly until the catch works.

Like a walk through the baby gate, this gate doesn’t have a door, but it acts as a door. Moreover, this gate doesn’t have a bottom bar over which you can trip and hurt yourself.

Why have we selected this Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate as the best gate for your baby’s safety?

The answer is simple nearly 88% of customers who bought this baby gate left 4 or 5-star ratings, which shows that people love these outstanding features of this baby gate.

This baby gate is a little bit expensive, but it guarantees great safety.

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy
  • Hard to open
  • Heavy duty (stand up for angry toddlers)
  • Customizable width
  • Costly
  • May make noise while opening and closing
  • Tricky latching system
My Opinion:

Based on the fantastic reviews left by the customers. Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gates are the best sturdy baby gates available on Amazon. Especially I like its tricky latching mechanism. Your child will spend the whole day opening the lock but will not succeed. In addition, there is no bottom bar to step over the floor.

Toddleroo By North States 47.85 Inches Wide Easy Swing Baby Gate For Top Of Stairs

toddleroo by north states 47.85 inches wide easy swing baby gate for top of stairs

This extra wide baby gate is made from steel which is sturdy and guarantees maximum safety. The matte bronze finish adds to the beauty of the stairs. These North States easy swing baby gates require permanent installations on walls or other flat surfaces at the top of stairs. 

It opens in one direction and does not swing over the stairs. Ideal for large openings and staircases, even baskets and other laundry items can easily pass through it. This makes life easier.

The adjustable width of this gate ranges from 28.68 to 47.85 inches, and it is 31 inches tall. Bars are 2.75 inches apart. 2.75 inches is not a large gap.

Complicated and one-hand operating latching mechanism that confuses toddlers and sometimes adults too. The auto closing lock system just pushes the gate gently, and it will be closed automatically with a click sound. 

Why have we chosen Toddleroo by North States 47.85″ Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate for you?

These gates are certified by ASTM and JMPA. The most selling gate on Amazon US marketplace with more than 9000+ reviews. They are selling at an affordable price. The beautiful design and matte bronze finishing look attractive. 

Above all, the gate’s self-locking system is one of its best features.

As we give unbiased buying guides on different baby gates, look at some of the features that customers did not like.

Most of the customers complain about its installation. Its installation is very complicated. The installation manual they provided with this gate is incorrect. Not sure they replaced the wrong manual with the correct one.

To install this gate, it is advised to measure the dimensions carefully. To do that, place all the gate parts on a flat surface and assemble them according to measured dimensions.

Gate’s latching system is made of plastic, and after multiple uses, cracks start developing, which means that the latching mechanism will not last long.

  • Sturdy and smooth
  • One-hand operation
  • Easy to use
  • Don’t have a bottom bar
  • Auto close lock
  • Low price
  • Tricky installation.
  • Plastic latch system.
My Opinion:

An excellent product carefully crafted and designed with a wide opening which makes life easier. One of the best selling gates at a low price for the top of the stairs. 

Although some customers complain about the installation manual that the seller sent to them was not helpful. But many customers left reviews showing how easy it was to install this swing baby gate.

Kidco G2000 Safeway Baby And Pet Gate For Top Of Stairs

KidCo G2000 safeway baby and pet gate for top of stairs

Kido is the first company to introduce baby gates in the United States. Kidco baby gates are made of tubular steel with robotic welding and form fitting. Its plastic parts are made of nylon with fiberglass reinforcement to ensure high strength and durability.

It is specially designed for the top of stairs which can be mounted permanently. Just install screws into the wall to ensure a solid connection.

This gate opens in both directions at the top of the stairs. It comes with directional stops for swinging the gate in one direction to not swing in both ways over the stairs.

The width of this gate is 24.75 – 42.5 inches. The maximum width is 42.5 inches which can be achieved only with extensions. These extensions are sold separately. The height of this gate is 30.5 inches, and the bars are 2.75 inches apart.

The locking system is not automatic. It will have to be pushed to close. However, it is secure and sturdy. Locks are difficult to open for children.

There is no step over bars on the floor so that you can walk through it easily.

Why did we choose the Kidco G2000 Safeway Baby Pet Gate for you?

This is the best design for the top of stairs with quick release features. You can remove it from the wall when not in use. If your walls are not even then you can, you can mount them at an angle from the hinge side.

  • Heavy duty steel
  • Easy to use
  • Can bear high loads
  • Directional Stops
  • Cheap
  • Anchors are not included for drywall.
My Opinion:

Kidco baby gates are ideal for the top of stairs at a low price. Sturdy, easy to open and close. Some users are upset with its installation manual, but seeing the diagrams carefully helps clarify its installing instructions.

It can cover staircase areas up to 43.5 inches. Buying it will make you happy.

Safety 1st Ready To Install Baby Gate For Top Of Stairs

safety 1st ready to install baby gate for top of stairs

This sturdy steel gate eliminates installation hassles and dominates the Amazon baby market. As it comes completely assembled, installation is hassle-free.

Earlier, many customers used to face problems regarding the installation of gates. They used to say that it was very difficult to install the gate. It takes all day to install it.

Safety 1st baby gates came into the market with a solution and made installation easy.

The width of this permanently mounted baby gate varies from 29 to 42 inches, and the height of this gate is 30 inches. The distance between the bars is 2.5 inches approximately.

This gate opens in both directions. If you want to change the direction of the swing, simply rotate the swing stopper in the opposite direction.

The complicated lock system opens in two steps with full strength using one hand. Adults will have no problem opening this latch mechanism. However, this latch will make your child a fool every time they try to open it.

Why have we selected Safety 1st Ready to Install Baby Gate for you?

This baby gate is assembled and ready for installation. There is no bar to step over the floor like some other gates, making this a great baby gate.

  • No need to assemble the gate.
  • Easy to install in just 15 minutes.
  • No Tripping bar
  • Easy to open and close (for adults)
  • Expensive
  • Welding issues
  • Manual closing lock
  • Require drywall anchors
My Opinion:

Baby gates can be difficult to install, but you won’t have that problem with this gate. Because it is pre-assembled and ready to install, no power tool is required for installation. Only a screwdriver is enough for its installation.

Despite its high price, paying extra for this superior gate would be less stressful.

Munchkin Extending Xl Tall And Wide Baby Gate For Top Of Stairs

munchkin extending xl tall and wide baby gate for top of stairs

Design-wise, this baby gate has a neat and modern design. The steel frame is strong and durable. Suitable for any type of decor, this white baby gate is a great choice.

This permanently mounted baby gate extends between 33 and 56 inches, making it best suitable for wide staircases. The height is 36 inches. It is 6 inches taller than an ordinary baby gate. Bars are 2.5 inches away from each other.

The lock mechanism is not automatic. You have to close it manually. It can be opened with one hand. Opening it is easy for adults only after some practice. The child is not able to open it easily.

A very sturdy gate opens in both directions, which is nice. But you can limit its swinging to only one direction. A lack of a bottom bar prevents tripping, making it ideal for the top of stairs.

Its quick release feature makes it easy to detach and reattach once monitoring is completed.

Some customers left negative reviews for this gate, complaining about weak plastic hinges that don’t last long.

Its heavyweight makes dry walls unable to hold it for long. Many customers recommended installing it in a place where there is not much activity or cannot open the gate frequently.

Some suggest using your screws to install this gate into the studs.

Why have we chosen Munchkin Extending XL Tall and Wide Baby Gate for you? 

This good quality gate is ideal for top of stairs because it’s easy to install and withstand high impact loads. Unlike most gates, this one does not have horizontal bars. Difficult to open for kids. In addition, you can easily adjust its width according to need.

  • Extra tall and wide.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Confusing lock for kids.
  • No trip bar.
  • Short screw
  • The latching system demands practice.
  • It does not close automatically
My Opinion:

The design of this gate is very beautifully. It is super sturdy and tall enough that no one can step over it. Step-by-step installation instructions are available on the attached paper. The bottom bar is missing, which is important.

This gate should never be installed with short screws. This heavy gate is not recommended for installation if there is no stud in the area. You will need to use a long screw that fits it into the studs.

Munchkin Push To Close Baby Gate For Top Of Stairs

munchkin push to close baby gate for top of stair

It’s the perfect, minimal design for those who don’t like bulky items. It is a metal and powder coated, solid, and durable baby gate, more attractive than others.

This hardware mounted baby gate opens between 28.5-45,” and its height is 29 inches. Bars are 2.5 inches apart. It is difficult for pets to get through.

Lock mechanism, complicated for kids and really simple for adults. If the child stays up all day, he will still not be able to open it. Adults can open it with just their thumb, but for that, they must practice.

This baby gate swings in both directions. But it can be set to swing only in one direction with directional stops.

It comes with a tilted hinge spring mechanism that saves the wall from stress every time it is used. The tool allows the gate to tilt open or close to reduce pressure on the wall.

Difficult to install but easy to remove. Using quick release brackets, this gate can be easily removed from stairs when not in use.

Some customers have reported that the screws and anchors do not work well on drywall. Repeatedly opening and closing of the gate results in loosening the anchor.

Why have we selected Munchkin Push to Close Baby Gate for you?

This is probably the best and cheap baby gate that can be used on split level stairs easily. Difficult for kids to open the lock. The lock is tricky at first for adults. This gate will look like a part of your home decor.

  • Cheap
  • Heavy duty
  • Full size
  • Complex latch mechanism
  • Tilting hinges reduce pressure on walls
  • Screws and anchors are not for drywalls.
  • Horrible installation.
My Opinion:

This well-engineered sturdy baby gate looks great and is best suitable for the top of stairs. But you have to use separate hardware like screws and anchors to install this on drywalls.

Evenflo Secure Step Gate For Top Of Stairs

evenflo secure step gate for top of stairs

This baby gate is made of metal and covered with a smooth, shiny layer of paint. The top rail is made of plastic. Best recommended using inside. If used outdoors, the gate can rust.

It has standard width and fits between the 29 – 42″ openings, and it 30 inches tall. The length between the bars is 2.5 inches.

The gate opens completely. There is no support bar on the floor, which is a huge trip hazard, making it best suitable for the top of stairs. Therefore, no one will trip over it accidentally.

This permanently mounted baby gate swings in both directions. It will remain open in both directions until you use some extra hardware on the bottom, then it will open in one direction.

There is no automatic lock on the gate; you must close it manually. Adults can open it with one hand, but for toddlers, it is tricky to open. No matter what a baby or pet attempts to do, the gate will remain closed.

The lock has red and green icons which act as locking indicators. Using these indicators, a person can easily tell if a gate is locked or not from a distance.

The latch and striker are made of plastic and can start cracking upon pushing. Due to its heavyweight, the drywall will no longer hold it. So it is better to install it in the stud.

Why have we chosen Evenflo Secure Step Gate for you?

Very sturdy gate having no bottom bar to catch your feet. Because of this, it is ideal for stairways.

  • Easy to install
  • Lock indicators icons
  • Best for an angry child
  • No trip bar
  • Not suitable for drywall
  • Plastic parts can crack.
My Opinion:

A safe gate can be operated in both directions with one hand. The red/green lock indicators indicate whether the gate is closed or open. The screws that come with this gate are for stud, and from the drywall, they will rip it out. Overall, the gate is of high quality metal and well assembled.

Type#2 Baby gate for top of stairs with banister on one or both sides

Are banisters, balusters, spindles, and newel posts all the same?

Typically, Americans interchange the terms spindles and banister brackets. Each of these terms refers to the thin vertical supports between the handrail and base rail of the staircase. In addition to banisters, handrails are also considered banisters.

While newel posts are not the same as spindles, they provide a vertical support at the start and end of the staircase.

How to install a baby gate on a banister?

Baby gates can be installed on a banister or handrail with a banister installation kit. It is clamped to the banister post and adapts easily to many shapes, including round and square.

In this section, we will introduce you to the top 3 banister installation kits that can be used to mount any gate on either spindles or newel posts.

KidCo K12 Stairway Gate Installation Kit


This kit is designed to install a gate on newel posts and banister that are 2.5- 3.62 ″ wide. The installation kit is not required if your staircase isn’t designed like this. With this kit, you can create flat surfaces on spindles or newel posts. 

It doesn’t come in a pair. One kit is required for each banister or newel post. When mounting on two round posts, you will need two kits.

A flat piece of wood is included to anchor your gate, as well as plastic clamps that go along the banister.

This kit is very sturdy, and it is safe to use at the top of the stairs without any hassle if you follow the directions carefully.

It is suggested to anchor the gates into the clamps directly. This will reduce your installation time.

  • No drilling is needed.
  • Easy installation.
  • It can be used at an angle.
  • Sturdiness reduces with time.
  • Expensive.

Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit

summer banister to banister universal gate mounting kit fits round or square banisters

An innovative mounting kit can be located at the top or bottom of the staircase makes it easy to mount a gate from banister to banister or banister to wall. This kit can be customized to fit both square and round shapes.

Super easy to install and sturdy. At the top of the stairs, it is safe to use. There is no need to drill into the railing or newel post when installing this kit.

This package includes 6 brackets, 2 long wooden strips, and zip tie straps to hold everything together.

In addition to parallel banisters, this mounting kit also works with non-parallel banisters.

  • Compatible with most extra tall and wide baby gates.
  • Optional drilling.
  • It is a complete set, no need to buy extra parts.
  • It can be installed at an angle.
  • Cheap.
  • Suitable for the posts up to 4″ wide.

When to use baby gates for stairs?

By the age of six months, nearly every baby on this planet starts crawling. At this time, almost everything he encounters is brand new to him without knowing the danger ahead.

As soon as a baby turns 6 months, experts say, parents should protect their child.

Types of baby safety gates for stairs

Baby safety gates are available in two forms.

  1. Hardware Mounted baby gates for stairs.
  2. Pressure Mounted Baby gates for stairs.
Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

Hardware mounted baby gates are also termed wall mounted and door mounted baby gates which require screws for their installations. They are fixed in one place. Being screwed into the wall or railing, they are more secure than pressure mounted baby gates. They are best recommended for the top and bottom of stairs.

On removing this gate, it leaves holes in the walls, which looks bad. But painting and filling can overcome this defect. 

Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Pressure mounted baby gates are portable baby gates because they don’t require screwing. They can be installed anywhere without damaging walls and other surfaces. These gates just create pressure between two surfaces.

Pressure mounted gates don’t leave spots or holes in the wall. They are not recommended for stairs. Even the best selling pressure mounted baby gate is not ideal for stairs, especially at the top of stairs. They are the best ideal for flat surfaces like doorways.

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