Best Baby Gates for Stairs with Spindles and Bannisters For Top and Bottom

Are you looking for baby gates for stairs that have spindles either on one side or on both sides? These spindles may be flat or round. On flat spindles, gate installation is not a big deal. You can install both hardware mounted and pressure mounted baby gates on flat spindles.

The actual problem parents face when they want to install child safety gates on round spindles. On stairs, with rounded spindles, you can install almost all baby gates, but for that, you will need additional installation kits, also known as gate mounting kits for banisters. These kits are specially designed to mount baby gates on spindles. 

These spindles mounting kits are also helpful because they help install baby gates without drilling into walls and round posts.

Don’t confuse spindle, banisters baluster and newel posts are nearly the same terms. You can read the details at the end of the article.

Luckily gate manufacturing companies have kept these unique structures of staircases in mind, and they also make gate mounting kits for stairs with spindles.

Keep in mind that both hardware and pressure mounted baby gates can be installed on stairways. But never install a pressure mounted safety gate at the top of the stairs. Even a pressure mounted baby gate that fits tightly can fall over and cause an accident. Pressure mounted safety gates are safe to use at the bottom of the stairway only.

Below we selected the best baby gates for stairs as well as spindles mounting kits.

Baby Gates for Stairs with Spindles

Baby GatesImagesCheck Price
Safety-Innovations-No-Hole-Stairway-Baby-Gate-Mounting-Kit Check Price
KidCo-K12-Stairway-Gate-Installation-Kit-Baby-Pet-Barrier Check Price
Summer-Banister-to-Banister-Universal-Gate-Mounting-Kit–Fits-Round-or-Square-Banisters Check Price
Summer-Metal-Banister-and-Stair-Safety-Baby-Gate- Check Price
Toddleroo-by-North-States-47.85"-Wide-Easy-Swing-&-Lock-Baby-Gate Check Price
Summer-Top-of-Stairs-Simple-to-Secure-Metal-Gate Check Price
Stair-Barrier-Baby-and-Pet-Banister-to-Banister-Retractable-Gate Check Price
Regalo-2-in-1-Stairway-and-Hallway-Wall-Mounted-Baby-Gate-With-Spindle-Kit Check Price
Summer-Banister-and-Stair-Gate-with-Dual-Installation-Kit Check Price

Regalo-2-in-1-Extra-Wide-Stairway-and-Hallway-Walk-Through-Baby-Safety-Gate Check Price
Munchkin-Extending-Extra-Tall-and-Wide-Baby-Safety-Gate-for-Stairs-With-spindles Check Price
Evenflo-Extra-Tall-Infant-Baby-Wooden-Gate-For-Top-Of-Stairs-With-Spindles Check Price
Munchkin-Auto-Close-Pressure-Mounted-Infant-Baby-Gate-for-Stairs-With-Spindles Check Price

Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit

Safety Innovations No Hole Stairway Baby Gate Mounting Kit

This mounting kit from Safety Store on Amazon is designed for tall baby gates for the spindles or posts with a minimum 2 3/4″ Wide.

This spindles mounting kit does not fit posts that are wider than 3 5/8″. So it is advised to measure your newel posts before buying banister mounting kits.

The seller sells one kit per round post. If your stairs have spindles on both sides, you will have to buy two kits separately. 

This kit comes with one 36″ tall wood strip, two square clamps, two wood inserts for clamps, one set of round adapters, four bolts, two finish washers, and two small screws.

The screws that come with this device are for attaching a wood strip with clamps. No screws go into spindles.

My Opinion:

Installing a baby gate with this system does not require drilling into banisters but remember to take necessary measurements before buying this kit.

  • Attaches to either round or square posts
  • Suitable for installation at the top and bottom of stairs
  • No drilling required
  • Only basic tools are needed to install
  • A separate kit will need to be bought for each side of the banisters
  • It will only fit posts that measure between 2 12″- 3 5/8″ wide
  • Not suitable for all types and sizes of banisters
  • Costly

KidCo K12 Stairway Gate Installation Kit Baby Pet Barrier

KidCo K12 Stairway Gate Installation Kit Baby Pet Barrier

The KidCo Stairway Gate Installation Kit allows you to create a flat surface to hang your baby gate on if you have a newel post or banister (or any other round or square post) to attach it to. Plastic clip pieces that fit around the post are secured with screws along with a flat wooden surface to anchor your gate.

Installing a child safety gate on a banister requires only simple tools, and you need one kit per side. By using this kit, you can install hardware or pressure mounted gates as you wish. This kit is designed to fit into the square spindles that are 2 1/2″ – 3 5/8″ wide.

KidCo K12 stairway gate installation kit helps install the child safety gates into the spindles without drilling into the expensive and beautiful woodwork of your stairs.

My Opinion:

This is a great product, but the installation instructions are very poor. You will need extra time just figuring out how to install this gate mounting kit.

  • You can choose whether to attach your gate to square or round posts
  • No drilling needed
  • Only basic tools are needed
  • It can be installed at either the bottom of the stairs or the top
  • There will be one kit needed for each side of the staircase that has banisters
  • It can be used on posts up to 2 12” diameter
  • It may not fit all sizes and shapes of banisters
  • Expensive

Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit–Fits Round or Square Banisters

Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit–Fits Round or Square Banisters

This universal kit helps in mounting baby gates from banister to banister and from the railing to wall. If your staircase has a banister on one side and a wall or flat surface on both sides, then this universal kit is the perfect solution for your stair’s design.

In addition to working on square spindles, this kit also works on round banisters. This kit can be installed at both the top and bottom of the stairs. Both hardware and pressure mounted baby gates that are 37 inches tall fit into this kit easily.

One prominent feature of this kit, it does not require drilling, which means that it will not damage your spindles railings.

My Opinion:

Easy to install and durable, this kit is a perfect choice. But some customers complained that you would need additional zip ties for mounting this kit on a banister. Zip ties that come with the package are not enough.

  • Designed to fit gates up to 37 inches in height
  • It’s also cost-effective
  • Despite the banisters not being parallel to each other, they can still be installed.
  • The screws are entirely optional; they are not required.
  • You can adapt two banisters with this kit easily
  • Suitable for both the top and bottom of the stairs
  • It works on virtually any type of post
  • Most baby gates up to 37 inches tall can fit in this bracket.
  • For posts larger than 4” on each side, it may not work.
  • Installation may be tricky if you don’t have the correct stair posts
  • You may need to modify it for certain sizes or configurations.

Summer Metal Banister and Stair Safety Baby Gate

Summer Metal Banister and Stair Safety Baby Gate-baby gates for stairs with spindles

This beautifully designed baby gate is made of metal with high quality white finishing. Installing this gate will not only increase the safety of your baby but will also help increase the staircase’s beauty.

The summer metal banister baby gate is 33 inches tall, and its opening varies from 32.5 to 48 inches. The summer gate opens at a 90-degree angle.

With the unique mounting system, this safety gate installs easily on stairways and railings. If there is only one banister and the other side is a flat wall, you can use only one mounting kit. Mounting it on banisters does not require drilling.

Gate has an extra wide door that swings in both directions. You can use directional stops to restrict the door’s movement to only one direction. These directional stops add extra security to the top of the stairs.

Sadly, the banister kit that comes with this baby gate does not work on spindles that are round at the top and square at the bottom. Only square banisters are compatible with the mounting kit.

My Opinion:

The Summer metal gate is sturdy and long-lasting. Its only problem is that the kit only fits square spindles. Therefore, before ordering this, make sure your banister is square

  • It does not require drilling (only one of them do if you needed)
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Opening the gate allows full access to the stairs
  • The reviews indicate that it is a little difficult to open the gate
  • The banister cannot have railings attached to the floor or have stairs that start from the bottom. (Pay close attention to the variety and sizes available)

Toddleroo by North States 47.85 inches Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate Best baby gates for stairs with spindles on one side

Toddleroo by North States 47.85 inches Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate-baby gates for stairs with spindles

Even though this baby gate costs just $50, it does not imply poor quality. Steel is used for this gate, and it is finished in matte bronze, which increases the beauty of a house.

The North gate has multiple features. You can open it with one hand in both directions. However, you can control its opening by using directional stops. There is no threshold at the bottom, so the risk of tripping over is 0%.

The plastic gate lock does not automatically close. Manual locking system requiring gentle pushes. For children, it isn’t easy to open. It is important to remember that plastic locks might break when frequently opened and closed.

It is a hardware mounted baby gate. Therefore it must be screwed to the wall or wood. To install this safety gate on spindles at the top or bottom of stairs, you will need a banister to banister or banister wall mounting adaptors.

In case your staircase has drywall on one side and a railing or spindle on the other side, then buy some zip ties. Use these zip ties on the banister side for installing the gate. 

If you don’t want to ruin your stairway’s woodwork or if you want to install it without drilling, then buy a kit containing wood strips. Install these wood strips on stairways and then drill the baby gate into that wood strip.

My Opinion:

Best sturdy baby gate for the top of stairs. But it has a plastic lock which will break after a week or two weeks. Also, for mounting it on spindles, you will have to buy additional adapters. The manufacturer does not provide adaptors with gates. You will have to make some arrangements.

  • A very durable construction
  • North States’s Toddleroo 47.85″ Wide Easy Swing & Lock Baby Gate’s user manual is very straightforward
  • Uninstalling this gate is just a matter of two screws
  • It can be opened from either side or only be opened from one side if that is what you desire
  • Most importantly, it is priced just how it should be.
  • There are plastic anchors on the wall that can be problematic for some people.
  • Open it with just one hand can be difficult for some people.
  • People say it makes a loud noise when opened, but we believe it’s useful for some people.
  • Installation can sometimes be tricky.

Summer Top of Stairs Simple to Secure Metal Gate

Summer Top of Stairs Simple to Secure Metal gate-baby gates for stairs with spindles

The Summer top stairs baby gate with spindles is available in a white metal finish. The baby gate measures 30″ tall and fits openings of 29″ to 42″, providing the perfect solution for toddlers and pets that are not naughty. You can attach the summer hardware mounted gate to spindles and handrails on stairs or between doorways using the installation kit that is provided with the package.

The Summer baby gate is not only attractive, but it contains an innovative swing-stop mechanism that prevents over swinging on stairs, allowing your pet or child to explore safely.

You can open the door and shut it with one hand because of the comfortable grip handle. One-hand operation is a very reliable feature but to keep the baby safe.

The one-handed operation should be moderated, not so easy to open or close with one hand or too hard to open or close.

You may read some comments about this baby gate for stairs with spindles of easy opening by the naughty toddlers; yes, this is true because if the company gives you a one-hand operation, it could have some flaws. But don’t worry, a crawling baby can’t do it quickly.

Its unique precision fit Template ensures precise, easy installation. It requires tools for hardware mounting. It can adjust to the proper width with its slide and lock functionality.

As you install this baby gate for stairs with spindles, there are several things to keep in mind, and one such thing is that it has to be installed at the right height so that when you push down on the gate, it will unlatch after you latch it from the top.

You may encounter another issue; the bottom latch of this baby gate doesn’t fit well with floor moldings. Here, it is recommended that you reread the instruction. A latch of this type at the bottom is not problematic.

My Opinion:

This baby gate for stairs with spindles or banisters is ideal for children or pets who crawl. Affordability, ease of mounting, and ease of opening. Despite this gate’s strength, naughty toddlers can easily defeat its locking system. So, make your choice based on your circumstances.

  • Installs easily
  • Safely locks
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Weight-wise, the metal is just right (not too heavy nor too light).
  • The latch isn’t very childproof for children over crawling age
  • Opening the gate leads to scratches on the wood floor, as the plastic foot is located under the gate.

Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Banister to Banister Retractable Gate

Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Banister to Banister Retractable Gate-baby gates for stair with spindles

The baby and pet gate for stairs is made of fabric. It is available in various colors, designs, and sizes; you can pick one that fits your needs. Consider the size and color of the spindles, banisters, and newel posts on your stairs. A manufacturer can also customize a baby staircase gate based on the bars, spindles, or newel posts on your staircase if the gate is not wide or narrow enough.

The fabric barrier baby gate offers 3 dual-sided release buckles. It weighs approximately 6 pounds, which is moderate for this type of gate and fantastic versus aluminum or wood gates for stairs.
If installed correctly, this strong, secure, and attractive fabric baby gate will prevent children from pulling it down or lifting it because it is made using plastic struts and heavy-duty webbing, preventing it from being pulled up or down.

It is much more challenging to climb fabric baby gates than traditional baby gates. It is a well-designed safety solution for stairways.

A banister-to-banner style baby gate does not require drilling and is simple to install. This baby gate is ideal for traveling and at home. Travel bags are included with this portable banister-banister gate.

When purchasing a baby stair gate, make sure you measure the innermost edges of both handrails, spindles, or newel posts and place an order. If requirements are not met, then order a custom baby gate. As I stated earlier, the manufacturers make custom baby gates for stairs with spindles, which fit stair sizes and shapes.

The gate is designed explicitly for staircases with railings, spindles, or newel posts. That’s why the baby gate staircase barriers meet US safety standards as well as other international requirements.

My Opinion:

This baby gate keeps your baby or pet off the stairs in a discreet yet elegant way. The fabric baby gate worked perfectly when you needed it, but you can roll quickly away when you are not required.

Considering all factors, the fabric staircase safety barriers/gates are ideal stair gates for babies or pets; the banister to banister gate can be quickly attached or removed. It is certain that you will be happy and satisfied having this baby gate.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Drill-free
  • Angled installations are possible
  • Two flat surfaces are not required
  • It fits volute/curved railings, as well as any banister shape
  • Black canvas outdoor option available
  • It’s pretty cumbersome to unhook 3 buckles and roll them up each time you go up and down the stairs.
  • It is not suitable for older toddlers.

Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate With Spindle Kit

regalo stairway and hallway wall mounted baby gate with spindle kit

Regalo 2 in 1 stairway and hallway wall mounted baby gate is made of steel, which proves its sturdiness and durability. For stairways, hallways, and other openings, the Regalo baby gate expands 29-43 inches wide and stands 30.5 inches tall. So before making any decision for your stairs with spindles, take some measurements and then assess to decide whether to buy or leave.

The Regalo baby gate comes with a bonus installation kit for stairs with rounded or squared banisters or spindles, as well as with a wall-mounted or hardware mounting kit which is a plus point. That’s why customers are attracting and buying this baby gate for stairs with spindles on one side or both sides.

With the option of one side spindles, the other side is a wall where you can use a wall mounting kit, and with both sides of spindles, you can use a mounting kit for rounded and squared spindles or banisters.

Adults can walk through the gate with ease by simply squeezing the latch handle. To ensure proper installation, the gate comes with a built-in leveler. As you pass through the gate, Smooth Glide Technology lets the gate glide inward and outward smoothly.

The Regalo baby gate is simple to remove from openings, and you can store it easily. The gate attaches quickly to banisters with hard-rubber mounts that stay securely without damaging woodwork or drilling into wood. On the other hand, you might need to drill into a wall for wall mounting.

PVC is not used in the manufacture of the gate, and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) has certified it. It also meets safety standards established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

The Regalo baby gate is perfect for children 6-24 months and great for naughty pets.

There is a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty available for the Regalo Top of Stairs Gate. So, you can buy this baby gate without any tension.

My Opinion:

With spindles or railings that are square or rounded on one or both sides, this gate is just suitable for the top of the stairs. The gate takes up very little space when it is not in use, so I recommend it to anyone looking for a gate that does not occupy much space. Despite being very easy to install, the latch requires some learning. However, over the years, this Regalo baby gate has tremendously improved and continues to do so. So, the bottom line is that you can rely on this baby gate for stairs with spindles.

  • Heavy-duty, strong, and secure material
  • Several mounting options make it very versatile
  • Excellent stair gate for square and round banisters and spindles
  • Perfect for stairs with a wall to banister set up
  • An effective locking mechanism
  • There are no drywall screws included.

Summer Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit

Summer Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation Kit

The summer banister and stair gate are made of sturdy wood with a honey oak finish. The wooden gate comes with a dual installation kit that fits on rounded as well as squared spindles. The top of the stairs summer baby gate is 33″ tall and accommodates stairways as well as doorways openings up 32″ to 48″ wide.

An installation kit for banisters for both sides of stairs up to 3.5″ wide is included in the gate price, and it’s valuable. Due to its dual installation kit, this wooden baby gate can be installed banister-to-banister on a single spindle at the top or bottom of stairs and in doorways.

There is no need to drill in square banisters or spindles. For rounded banisters, drilling is optional for better safety.

With the quick-release mechanism, you can take it apart and put it back together, so this baby gate can be used precisely when you need it.

The super-durable banister and stair baby gate with a dual installation kit from Summer provides peace of mind to parents who want their babies and pets to explore safely.

I really like the color, and the material is solid. However, there will be no fit if you have spindles or banisters that do not start on the floor or have railings coming off of them.

According to observations on rounded banisters and spindles, straps can slip. For better safety, you should buy this gate for squared spindles or make sure that you have the spindles that have squared areas on the upper and bottom sides.

My Opinion:

For squared banisters or spindles on either side of stairs, the Summer wooden baby gates are exceptional. But for the rounded banisters or spindles, you should have particular spindles for better safety. I suggest you buy this particular baby gate for squared spindles. Quality-wise, this wooden baby gate for stairs with squared spindles on either side is perfect.

  • Best for the squared banister to banister installation
  • Best for the top of the stairs with squared spindles on one or both sides as well as for the bottom of the stairways
  • There is no tripping hazard
  • Good quality wood but hard to open this wooden gate
  • Many customers are talking about bad customer service

Regalo 2-in-1 Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Safety Gate

Regalo Extra Wide Stairway and Hallway Walk Through Baby Safety Gate

Regalo 2-in-1 Extra wide stairway and hallway walk through baby safety gate with hardware mounting kit is a budget pick, but I’m sure you will be happy after buying this baby gate for the top of the stairs with spindles on one or both sides in terms of quality and sturdiness.

Regalo’s Top of Stair Baby Gate is constructed entirely of steel. Both sides of the gate need to be hardware mounted to the wall or banister.

This baby gate expands to stairways and openings between 24-40.5 inches wide and stands 28.75 inches tall before making any decision take a look at your stairways, and the size of the opening, and the height you require for the stairs with spindles as well as must look at the spindles that could be rounded or squared.

If the spindles are squared, then you can use this hardware-mounted baby gate for stairs; otherwise, for rounded spindles, you can use a kit if you want to install this budget baby gate.

Gate can quickly be removed out of the opening for easy storage. But keep in mind it’s a hardware-mounted gate. If you have installed kits in different places, then you can remove the gate from one place and can easily install it in another place where kits are already installed.

With a simple rotating latch, the gate swings open one side only. The good thing is that only adults can open this gate easily. The baby gate also Includes a safety-lock feature that prevents unusual openings. Although to prevent unusual openings for the top of the stairs with squared spindles, the baby gate should be used for toddlers 6-24 months as well as fine for pets too.

My Opinion:

If you have little budget and you need a baby gate for your stairs with squared spindles or banisters, then you can buy this gate. There will be no safety or quality issues. But you need to know that it’s a hardware mounting gate.

You must have to drill into your spindles, or you need to buy an installation kit for the gate if you don’t want to drill into squared spindles or if the spindles have no flat surface. As well as for rounded spindles, you must have to buy an installation kit. Now it’s up to you that what you want to do with your rounded or squared spindles.

  • Sturdy
  • Only an adult can operate the baby gate
  • If you frequently pass through the gated area with something you’re carrying, get this.
  • No tripping hazards or bottom bars
  • With some modifications, a great baby gate for tricky stairs with spindles
  • Only swings open one way.
  • Opening and closing sound

Munchkin Extending Extra Tall and Wide Baby Safety Gate for Stairs With spindles

Munchkin Extra Tall and Wide Baby Safety Gate for Stairs With spindles

The Munchkin tall and wide extending baby gate is constructed of high-quality steel with a clean and modern design. For stairs that have squared spindles on either side with any color or style, this white baby gate for stairs will accommodate that decor.

Unlike traditional baby gates, this hardware mount gate for stairs covers 33-56 inches wide and is 36 inches tall – 6 inches higher than standard baby gates. Be sure to measure the opening you need prior to purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

Do you have a baby in your arms? You’re fine. This baby gate for stairs with squared spindles features a locking mechanism that adults can operate with just one hand without any problem.

As you know, it stands 36 inches tall that makes it ideal for both parents and pet owners. Even the tiniest pups should not be able to squeeze through the gap between the bars, which measures 2.25″.For crawlers, this baby gate for stairs with spindles on either side is suitable for toddlers 6 to 24 Months.

The XL safety gate swings in both directions with full walk-through space as well as you can set the gate to open one way only. Since there is no trip bar, the Munchkin baby gate for stairs is more suitable for the top of a staircase with squared spindles.

Because of its unique structure, the tilting hinge mechanism places less stress on walls, banisters, or spindles.

You can detach the gate easily after use, and it can easily reinstall. To clean the gate. you can use mild soap and a damp cloth.

The Munchkin extending XL tall and wide baby gate for stairs with squared spindles is JPMA Certified, and the company provides 1-year limited warranty.

My Opinion:

The plastic hinges concerned me. Although they look weak, they are actually quite tough. The fact that there is no bar or track-mounted to the floor is one of the reasons you should buy this gate for stairs with square spindles.

An important consideration is a mounting height. The gates need to be as high as possible, but a toddler can crawl under the gate if it’s a little too high. This gate has no horizontal bars, so even the best climbing child would have trouble climbing over it.

Again, you will need an installation kit if the spindles are rounded or the surface is not flat. You know safety comes first, so I understand if it’s a headache for you. You can consider the kits given in this list.

With no hesitation, I recommend this particular baby gate for stairs with squared spindles on one or both sides.

  • Easy to open and close
  • Sturdy
  • Can open both ways or one way.
  • No trip bar
  • Great Customer Service
  • Latch design is not up to the mark
  • Some reviews conclusion is that installation is not easy

Evenflo Extra Tall Infant Baby Wooden Gate For Top Of Stairs With Spindles

Evenflo Extra Tall Infant Baby Wooden Gate For Top Of Stairs With Spindles

Evenflo’s extra tall wooden baby gate for stairs with spindles or banisters is made of a tan wood finish that complements a wide range of decors. It can be fitted into any opening between 30 and 48 inches. It would be best to take measurements first; after that, you should purchase this gate for stairs.

The feature I admire about this gate is that it can swing in either direction. The swing control setting determines where the swing will swing.

With a one-handed latch operation, you can easily use it, but for your crawling baby toddlers, it is not easy to operate. Even some parents are not happy with the rigid lock mechanism.

This wooden gate for stairs with spindles on one or both sides of stairs comes with a great feature. Now you will know for sure whether it is locked or unlocked with the red and green lock indicator on this gate: Red means the gate is locked and secure; green indicates the gate is open.

There are no floor bars, so you can walk through easily without tripping, making it ideal for everyday busy passing.

For the flat surface on the rounded and squared spindles, this gate can easily install. But if there is no flat surface on the spindles, you have to put an installation kit that will allow you to install the wooden baby gate as well as there is no need of drilling holes into the banisters.

My Opinion:

Featuring a four-point mount and door swing control (you can set it to swing in both directions or one way), this hardware-mounted wooden baby gate for stairs from Evenflo is ideal for use on top of stairs that have spindles or banisters on the top or bottom of the stairs. Within budge, With the indicators, expandable height up to four feet, easy installation, and no-floor bar, this is an excellent baby gate for stairs. As a result, you’ll get the protection you need.

  • It is made out of natural wood with metal fittings.
  • The recommended seller offers excellent quality and fast shipping.
  • A simple, affordable wooden gate.
  • The lock indicators are value-added for this wooden gate for stairs
  • The lock and unlock handle is rigid and difficult to bend, making it hard to open and close.

Munchkin Auto Close Pressure Mounted Infant Baby Gate for Stairs With Spindles

Munchkin Auto Close Pressure Mounted Infant Baby Gate for Stairs With Spindles

The Munchkin Auto Close Modern Pressure Mounted Baby Gate for Stairs is made of dark wood and silver metal, which is attracting many customers. Suppose you have metal stairs and the floor color is brown. Then for this particular style, this baby gate for stairs is perfect. Other than this décor, it’s totally up to your choice.

The wooden baby gate is 29.5″ tall and measures 29.5″- 40.5″ wide. There are two more extensions for you if your opening exceeds 40.5 inches (up to 54″ if you purchase additional extensions). Before purchasing, take the necessary measurements for a proper fit.

For added safety, this gate has a hardware mounting kit so that you can install this baby gate as a hardware gate. For children 6 to 24 months, this is a great baby gate for doorways and stairs.

It is easy to open the gate with one hand by pulling and lifting the handle. Lock the gate by pushing it closed. The automatic self-closing hinge operates with gravity to close the door automatically. Additionally, wood doors are quieter than metal gates, and the 21.5″ wide walk-through makes access easier.

Although the door can swing both ways with the dual-locking mechanism, there is also an option to open the door only in one direction. It’s a plus point.

My Opinion:

In the end, again, I would say that you need a flat surface. In the case of pressure-mounted baby gates, it is more emphasizing. Installation kits will help you to install this baby gate for stairs with rounded or squared spindles. This baby gate will provide value for money, but I recommend that you should install this gate at the bottom of the stairs.  

  • The extra extension (not free)
  • Sturdy, good-looking, and well-designed baby gate for stairs
  • Value for money
  • Great gate for pets too
  • There is a need for a better instruction manual

What is the difference between a banister, baluster, spindle, and a newel post?

These are very complicated terms, but it doesn’t mean that these terms are the same things. Here is the difference.

Balusters are the vertical supports that lie between handrails and base rails in staircases. The narrower the baluster, the more it will look like a spindle ( a tool for spinning wool into yarn ). In comparison, Balustrade refers to a group of balusters evenly spaced between handrail and base rail in a staircase. As for the banister, it is merely the handrail.

Newel Posts are not the same as balusters. They are large supporting posts positioned at the start and end of the staircases.

Discussing these terms here is to make you understand that the surfaces on which gates are being installed are not flat, but they are round.

How to install a baby gate on a banister?

Baby gates can be installed on a banister with a banister installation kit. It is clamped to the banister post and adapts easily to many shapes, including round and square. or you can also watch a video on YouTube.

Final Verdict

In our recommendation, there are only two gates (one gate has three varieties though) provided and some kits, but many gates are also offered by manufacturers. There are very few baby gates for stairs with spindles in the market that can fulfill everyone’s need for gates installed on spindles or handrails on one side or both sides. These baby gates are the best according to our views.

If you do not like these gates, you can choose another gate and install it with our recommended kits, and you will be happy. But if something is missing or you have a question, we will be glad to respond. We will get in touch with you if you fill out the comment form or ask a question.

That’s right, a full selection of the best baby gates for stairs with spindles and banisters and kits can be installed to save your baby from the dangers of stair climbing. Now that you know what choices make the most sense, it will help you determine which ones work best. If you want to know more about baby gates, you can also visit She is my friend and she is researching and providing some valueable information to the parents.

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