4 Ultimate Baby Gates for ANGLED OPENING

 Angle-mounted baby gates are ideal for blocking off areas without parallel mounting points, either at doorways or in a curve.

The angled design provides an extra measure of safety to children who might otherwise be able to slip through the gaps when there’s no other way into your living space!

A standard 2-post gate typically won’t work in such spaces because they’re too short on either side, so angle-type gates get installed with their curved designs, which allow them to curve around corners without hitting anything along the way – this makes sure no one walks into traffic when coming through under these circumstances!

If you have tried looking for the best gates for angled openings, look at our recommendations for you. You will be pleased.

4 Best Baby Gates for ANGLED OPENING

Baby GateImageBuy
Toddleroo by North States 72" wide Deluxe Décor Baby GateToddleroo by North States 72 inches wide Deluxe Decor Baby Gate Check Price
KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate - G2100 - White (Metal) - 28 to 42.5 InchKidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate - G2100 - White (Metal) - 28 to 42.5 Inch Check Price
KidCo G3001 Auto Close Configure Gate (30-inch door) BlackKidCo G3001 Auto Close Configure Gate (30-inch door) Black Check Price
Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby GateCardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate Check Price
Toddleroo by North States 72 inches wide Deluxe Decor Baby Gate

Keep your little one from going where they shouldn’t with this North States 72-Inch Deluxe Décor baby gate. The espresso-coloured gate features sturdy, heavy-duty metal construction and a matte bronze finish to add a touch of style to the room details.

It can perfectly work for angled openings or perpendicular walls. It includes two adjustable hinges that allow you to tighten and loosen it however you want it to bend, up to 180 degrees which are perfect for fitting into any size opening.

You can also slide through its single walk-through door with a stay-open feature like magic while using the double locking system with a child-safety latch bolt. And all of this work without having an obstacle in sight.

  • Ability to fit different configurations
  • Justify the price tag
  • Easy to install
  • Manual is not user friendly

Bottom line

Toddleroo is an affordable, easy-to-use option for parents who have a need for a baby gate for an angled opening. Available in several different colors, the installation takes less than 10 minutes. If you are looking for an attractive, sturdy way to keep your child away from areas they shouldn’t be, Buy this angled baby gate!

KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate - G2100 - White (Metal) - 28 to 42.5 Inch

The KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate is a versatile one that can be installed at the top or bottom of stairs with a non-parallel angled opening. It features an open-gate design, so you don’t have to remove your child’s safety gates when guests come over and want access up or down the stairs.

The KidCo white metal gate is perfect for your angled opening safety needs. Easy to close with the child lock, this baby gate swings out without any underbar that would be a tripping hazard at the top of the stairs.

The latch can also open easily with an adult or children over 4 years old – Your safety is ensured in every way. It fits between 28 to 42 inches, and extensions are available here to extend the frame to up to 63 inches, so it’ll fit in any place you need.

This durable steel gate has a white finish and comes assembled by one person in 10 minutes without any tools required.

Moreover, KidCo also introduced the Angle Mount Safeway gate for not just use on stairs. You can mount it to a wall or flat surface with a hardware mounting kit and then lock it closed one-handed without struggle.

  • It can be used on walls that don’t line up perfectly
  • Quick Release Hardware is included
  • Directional stop safety feature
  • It’s challenging to assemble and mount
  • Poor instruction manual

Bottom Line

The KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate is a high-quality, affordable safety solution that will keep your kids safe and accommodate your angled openings. This gate is used as an inward or outward swinging door, making it easy to use in either direction depending on what area you are trying to protect from little ones who may want to explore their surroundings.

KidCo G3001 Auto Close Configure Gate (30-inch door) Black

KidCo G3001 Auto Close Configure Gate (30 “door) Black sturdy metal gate will provide protection for your child’s needs. It is perfect for those who don’t want to worry about risking their little one’s safety around the house because of its angled opening.

It comes with a non-toxic powder paint finish and secures up to 84 inches of width and 31 inches of height. Adding extra sections should your gate need to span wider distances should also be no problem as they are available in either 24 or 30-inch widths.

If you have oddly shaped staircases, angled openings or unusually wide spaces that need protecting, then this may be what you’re looking for.

Whether you’re looking to block off an entire room or want to divide your living area, our KidCo G3001 Auto Close Configure Gate is the gate for you.

Note: Manufacturer-authorized sales dealers to send this gate with installation accessories so that there is no need for tools. 

  • Hold Open feature
  • The Magnet Lock Technology automatically closes the gate
  • The customer service representative is a great listener and has the patience of Job
  • Value for money
  • Not very sturdy according to many customers, but OK for the money

Bottom line

The KidCo G3001 Auto Close Configure Gate is an excellent gate for anyone looking to keep their pets and children in one area of the house with the angled opening. Easy installation: You can adjust this gate to fit different doorways with little effort. Plus, the auto-close feature means no more worrying about having your baby close by when opening doors. This product has been specifically designed with safety in mind, and we think that makes it perfect for everyone.

Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

The Cardinal Gate Stairway Angle baby gate is not just for the top of your staircase! This nearly indestructible gate can be mounted at any angle up to 30 degrees with the 2-42.5 inches wide and 29.5 inches in height.

The one-handed operation includes a baffle system that confuses toddlers, so it’s safe enough for grownups too! Stay home whenever you want with this dependable option.

The gate is easy to install in the tightest spots without any hassle. Quick and simple installation makes this product the best in its category!

It is perfect for stairways, doorways or hallways where narrow spaces make installation difficult with traditional baby gates. The latch system baffles toddlers, so they won’t have a chance of getting past this safe product.

For increased safety, it has an optional stop bracket that prevents it from opening over stairs.

  • Sturdy
  • It installs at an angle and doesn’t require strength to open
  • It swings both ways, opening the entire doorway
  • No threshold
  • It is easy to take down
  • A bit pricey, but it’s worth it
  • It is sometimes frustrating to install

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a a baby gate for especially top of the stairs with angled opening, you are not going to leave this one. You will get one handed operations and quick installation. Also, your kid will not be able to pass the gate in any case.


The Angle Mounted Baby Gates are a great way to keep children safe from harm. They provide an easy and effective solution for parents looking for a gate that won’t ruin the look of their entryway or doorway. I think these are one of the best baby gates on the market today because they offer style without sacrificing safety. If you have any questions about these innovative products, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience!

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