Baby Gate Alternatives-How to block stairs without baby gates?

Some people hate using baby gates for many reasons like they are difficult to install, costly ,old design and require drilling which destroys the beauty of walls and stairs banisters. For that they start searching the internet for baby gates alternatives. In this article we will tell you how to block stairs without a baby gate.

Stair barriers are the best alternatives to baby gates and they help in blocking the stairs without baby gates. They are available in a variety of sizes, made of fabrics. can be installed without drilling on stairs, safe and stylish to use. These alternatives help to protect babies and pets from any accidents.

Before buying stairs barrier alternatives to baby gates keep following the points in mind.

  • They are designed only for the bottom of stairs and safe to use only at stairs bottom.
  • They are not a good alternative to baby gates in case you want to use these stairs barriers at the top of stairs. It’s impossible for them to stop the kids from falling down the stairs. Only hardware mounted baby gates work best for the top of stairs.
  • These alternative stairs barriers do not close automatically. So it is not recommended to use on busy stairs. You will have to open the buckles manually which is quite irritating.
  • Stairs barriers are available in multiple colors. If your furniture has a theme color, you can choose the color based on that.

3 Best Baby Gates Alternatives Stairs Barriers

The-Stair-Barrier-Baby-and-Pet-Gate-alternatives Check Price
The-Stair-Barrier-Baby-and-Pet-Gate-alternatives Check Price
The-Stair-Fabric-Barrier-for-stairs-with-banister-baby-gate-alternatives Check Price

The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate alternatives

The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate alternatives

An ideal stair barrier for the bottom of a staircase with banisters on both sides. This gate is made of fabric materials and can be installed without drilling.

This safety baby gate alternative is safe to use. If it is installed correctly, no one can take it down. It can be installed on all types of banister and spindles, whether they are square or round.
You can install this barrier at an angle if the banisters are at an angle.

Available in 19 variations and the width of each variation varies from 32 inches to 53 inches. So, you can use this baby barrier for wide openings.

This Stair safety barrier is great for blocking the stairs only at the bottom. But its manufacturer stated that it can also be used at the top of stairs. So you can use it. Some customers have used it at the top of stairs and they are happy.

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This fabric is very durable similar to the fabric used in carpets and will last for many years if it is used carefully. Pets can leave scratches on this alternative stairs barrier. Also the fabric of this stair barrier acts like a magnet for pet hairs. After sometime hair starts collecting on it and you will have to wash it.
Manual locking system. If you go up and down the stairs frequently, then you will have to unhook the buckles frequently which seems not to be a good feature for adults. But for kids it is unhooking buckles is very difficult.


The Stair baby and pet fabric barrier is the perfect solution for blocking stairs without gate. With the passage of time, dust and hairs start collecting. And washing it is the only solution.

  • Beautiful Design
  • Trendy Pattren
  • Easy to install
  • Not suitable for busy places.

The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate alternatives

Portable Banister to Banister Stair Barrier Baby Gate alternatives

This stylish baby gate alternative keeps children, toddlers and pets away from the harm of stairs injuries. If not in use, the fabric baby gate rolls neatly to the side.

Despite its attractive design, Stair Barrier baby gate fabric cannot be pulled down or lifted up due to internal plastic struts and heavy-duty webbing. The baby gate is ASTM and JMPA certified.

Suitable for both kids and pets, fabric stair safety barriers are ideal stair gates. Easy and quick way to prevent animals and children from getting on and down the stairs.

Three dual sided release buckles secure the fabric barrier around the stairs. It can be attached securely to walls without drilling on the wall-side and to banisters using buckles. This baby gate alternative fits only round and square banisters or spindles.

Depending on the width of a staircase’s entrance, Amazon’s seller offers two types of baby gates. Seller provides narrow fabric gates for narrow stairs and wider fabric gates for wider stairs.

You should not choose this gate if you climb the stairs repeatedly a day. The clip has to be undone 3 times and then redone when you want to close it.


Although it is safe and beautiful, it takes a while to open and close. But this safety barrier is the best alternative to gates that require drilling into walls and stairs wood work.

  • Beautiful
  • Stylish
  • Washable fabric
  • Does not require drilling.
  • Buckles take time to open and close.
  • May not work for older toddlers.

The Stair Fabric Barrier for stairs with banister-baby gate alternatives

The Stair Fabric Barrier for stairs with banister-baby gate alternatives

This baby stair barrier, ideal for home and travel, is easy to setup between banister to banister at the bottom of stairs without drilling.

If mounted properly, this safety baby gate alternative is strong, secure, and unable to be moved from its location. You can use it as an alternative to a baby gate on stairs to keep everyone safe.

It rolls completely to one side when not in use. They are much harder to climb as compared to traditional baby gates for stairs. This baby and dog gate alternative is carefully designed for stairs according to strict US standards rules.

Some customers have complained that while wrapping around stairs posts, it may leave scratches. To eliminate this problem issue just wrap your straps in padding.

It is not recommended for busy stairs as it unlocks manually you have to unhook all three buckles which is time consuming. It is important to consider how often you will use your stairway before purchasing.


Great alternative to traditional baby gates. Keeps baby safe. I think this would be the best to prevent damage to banisters. No tools are required for its installation. But do not buy it if you frequently use the stairs.

  • Beautiful
  • Requires no tools for installation
  • Safe and secure
  • Expensive
  • It is somewhat cumbersome to unhook three buckles and roll it up frequently if you must go up and down the stairs.

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