Are Retractable Baby Gates Safe?

Are retractable baby gates safe? The answer is yes if the gate is sturdy and properly installed. If it is not installed correctly, babies can easily pull it out of the wall. To ensure more safety, follow the instructions carefully provided by the manufacturer.

are retractable baby gates safe

Following are the points which decide whether retractable baby gates are safe or not.

  • Retractable baby gates work individually, and they cannot be combined. In combination, they are dangerous and unsafe.
  • Installing them on a stud behind drywall makes them much safer and more durable.
  • For pets, retractable baby gates should be screwed into the wall on both sides. Otherwise, dogs may run through it. And can break the parts of gates into pieces.
  • As retractable baby gates stretch, pets can climb under the gate, making it unsafe for pets.
  • If the lock system is made of plastic and easy to open with a slight kick, then the retractable baby is unsafe to use.
  • Retractable baby gates are unsafe for crawling babies because they could easily crawl under the gates.
  • If brackets are light and made of plastic, then these gates are not safe because babies can easily rip them out of the walls.
  • Sometimes, the finger gets injured during retractions.
  • Last important safety factor: if your kids fall on retractable baby gates, they won’t be injured compared to steel gates. 

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