Best Adjustable Baby Gates For Stairs

Many parents have been asking how to keep their baby from going up or down the stairs. With a baby gate for stairs, you don’t need to worry about your child exploring the staircase anymore! Baby gates come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s very important to find one that matches your needs.

The best baby gates for your baby could be adjustable baby gates that can be used at the top or bottom of any stairs in your home, why they are best because these gates can be adjusted as they grow, making them a long-term solution that will last until your child grows up and leaves home.

So now that we’ve got you thinking about protecting your kids let’s take a look at some of the best adjustable baby gates for stairways.

4 Best Adjustable Baby Gates For Stairs

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Tokkidas Adjustable Auto Close Baby Gate

Tokkidas Adjustable Auto Close Baby Gate

An adjustable baby gate that is versatile and easy to set up, move around, and store when not in use is the perfect adjustable baby gate. Tokkidas Baby Gate is ideal for any opening between 23.6″- 80″ wide, having a height of 30″, with an adjustable 3 panels-in-1 design which makes it able to adjust the angle of the three panels to meet any opening, like hallway stairs or kitchen.

Its auto-closing feature means you won’t have to worry about leaving it open from room to room or dragging your handbag through when carrying kids in one arm.

It comes fully loaded with features like dual locking feature, sturdy construction from all metal materials, two captive locking bars, dual handle operation that won’t pinch your fingers thanks to the Ultra Safe Extra Soft Fingers grips on both sides of the bar – what more could you ask for in a quality product?

  • Ultra Safe Extra Soft Fingers grips on both sides of the bar
  • Three adjustable panels-in-1 design
  • An auto-closing feature included
  • sturdy construction
  • Not for tall kids

Bottom Line

Tokkidas is a company that specializes in producing gates, fences and other protective products for homes. The one-hand operation, Sturdy construction, adjustable width and a good height make it perfect for taller toddlers who haven’t learned how to walk on stairs. So you must buy this adjustable baby gate for the bottom of the stairs especially.

InnoTruth Extra Tall Adjustable Baby Gate for Stairs

InnoTruth Extra Tall Adjustable Baby Gate for Stairs

The InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways is an ideal solution for pets and kids. This 36-inch-tall pressure-mounted gate is enough to hold even a heavy jerk. Also, you can even use this adjustable 37″ – 39 1/2″ wide baby gate indoors or outside on staircases, dog doors, hallways and other areas where your child may go.

The innovative design will make you feel easy to use from any height. It includes a pull mechanism and a bottom locking method that keeps it locked down tight, never allowing your little one past these high-quality metal bars once installed.

This gate also has a 2-Way auto-close system that swings open or closed on hinges for increased movement after installation is complete! Keep everyone safe by using our premium pet gate at home today.

  • 2-Way auto close system
  • High-quality material
  • It can be used for pets
  • Small entry point

Bottom Line

The InnoTruth Extra Tall Baby Gate for Stairs and Doorways is a high-quality, easy-to-install gate that will keep your children safe from the dangers of stairs. It fits easily in doorways or staircases with an adjustable width and height; this baby gate also functions as a dog gate. This adjustable baby gate is worth considering.

KidCo Safeway Adjustable baby gate

KidCo Safeway Adjustable baby gate

KidCo Safeway, adjustable baby gate for stairs explicitly designed for the top of stair areas. KidCo Safeway adjustable baby gate is 24.75″ -42.5″ wide and 42.5 inches tall.

The directional stop clip and the double action locking mechanism for child safety gates meet and exceed all federal standards and JPMA-certified metal gate design with fiberglass reinforced plastic to prevent any tripping hazard or running head first into whatever is in front of them before they can get to the top of the stairs on their own.

This gate also folds flat against the wall when not in use, so it’s perfect for traveling between floor levels or putting away until later. It has double action lock systems that allow parents easy accessibility with just one hand, plus all hardware needed for installation is included in the package.

What you’re looking for if you need heavy-duty strength, safety-tested construction, durable and adjustable baby gates for stairs! KidCo’s Safeway is just what you need to keep babies safe. Standard mounting hardware is included, so set-up is quick and easy!

  • Double action lock systems
  • JPMA certified
  • Standard mounting hardware is included
  • No tripping hazard
  • Little pricey

Bottom Line

The KidCo Safeway is an easy install, adjustable baby pet gate that mounts to the wall. With its innovative design and ease of use, it’s no wonder many parents are choosing this product for their homes! With nearly 30 years of experience, KidCo was the first to introduce metal safety gates. So you can easily rely on this adjustable baby gate for stairs.

Auto Close Banister Adjustable Walk Thru Baby Gate

Auto Close Banister Adjustable Walk Thru Baby Gate

Auto Close Banister Baby Gate Walk Thru Gates for Kids or Pets Adjustable baby gate measures 40.6 inches wide at its maximum and 29.5 inches (without extension) at the minimum, and the height is 30 inches. With two extensions (2.9″ and 7.9″) included, the baby gate can be adjusted to fit more openings and stairs. Furthermore, the railing spacing is 2.3 inches. 

The all-steel design is durable and convenient with a walk-through door; it can withstand nearly 150LB impact, is durable for toddlers and large pet breeds, and keeps safe.

With one hand, simply pull down on either side to release the safety lock! The double-lock safety release allows adults to quickly open the gate while curious little ones won’t be able to get a pass. Now take care of those pesky daycare duties knowing that your little one is safe.

  • All-steel design
  • One hand operations
  • Double-lock
  • Walk-through door
  • Tripping hazard

Bottom Line

It’s affordable that can be set up on your stairs or doorways to keep kids from getting into areas they shouldn’t be in without supervision. This safety gate is constructed of durable steel with white powder coating, which will stand up well over time, so it won’t need replacing anytime soon. The adjustable width feature makes this product perfect for any doorway and stairway size while still being easy enough to move around when required, thanks to its lightweight design.


We know that parents are looking for practical, safe options when it comes to baby gates. They want something easy to install and won’t damage their walls or floors. In this post, I’ve shared my top picks for adjustable baby gates that work well on stairs. These were my list of adjustable baby gates for stairs and how to choose the best one from them. If you need help deciding which is suitable for your needs or have any questions about these products, feel free to reach out to me in the comments section below!

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